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The Economist bites the hand that feeds it: patents

The majority shareholder of The Economist Group, the company responsible for publication of The Economist, owns patents. It seems very odd to us that most of the …

PTAB refuses Volkswagen IPR petition against Marathon patent

In siding with the patent owner the PTAB explained that the petitioner insufficiently made a case that the claimed invention was obvious. A proper obviousness argument must …
Gene Quinn 19 hours ago 2

Job Opening – Dominion Harbor seeks Licensing Advisor in Dallas Texas

Dominion Harbor is seeking Licensing Advisor for its Dallas, Texas office. The Licensing Advisor analyzes intellectual property portfolios and performs market research related to client patent portfolios. …

Eli Lilly prevails in divided infringement Alimta® patent case

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana ruled in favor of Eli Lilly (NASDAQ: LLY), issuing a final judgment in the Hatch-Waxman infringement …
Gene Quinn 2 days ago 1

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Genuine Use: How much use is ‘genuine use’ in the European Union?

When an undertaking operates in more than one country of the European Union it is a wise legal choice to apply for a trademark on a community …

Understanding the black box and why it can be so difficult to locate

The earlier days of black box technology well behind us, the magnetic tape recording medium has since been replaced by solid state memory to record data. Today, …
Steve Brachmann 2 days ago 0

USPTO proposes pilot where a single APJ would make IPR institution decisions

Presently the USPTO has a panel of three APJs decide whether to institute a trial, and then normally has the same three-APJ panel conduct the trial, if …
Gene Quinn 2 days ago 5

USPTO denies Kyle Bass IPR patent challenge against Acorda Therapeutics

The USPTO declined to initiate an inter partes review of two patents owned by Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. Acorda patents were challenged by the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, …
Gene Quinn 3 days ago 5

American auto industry has lost former dominance but retains some luster

When you think about the american auto industry it’s becoming clearer every day that the idea of American-made or Japanese-made is not black and white. Increasingly, …
Steve Brachmann 3 days ago 0

Looking Down on the Patent System from the Ivory Tower

The patent system is not a tool for entrenched interests to stifle competition, as so many professors seem to believe. Patents allow independent inventors and small companies …
Joseph Allen 4 days ago 26