Demonizing monetizers undermines the patent system

Gene Quinn 8 hours ago 1

Phil Hartstein is the President and CEO of Finjan Holdings Inc NASDAQ FNJN On January I interviewed Hartstein which appears below We had a wide ranging and lively discussion about the current state of the patent market how the pejorative use of the term patent troll does nothing but attempt to denigrate innovators as second-class patent owners simply because…

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Louis Foreman
District Courts should have more discretion to enhance patent damages
Posted 2 days ago

Infringers should not be able to arrogantly and recklessly violate patents for years but ultimately pay only the same amount they would have paid the patent owner for a license in the first place…

Bart Eppenauer
Halo v. Pulse – Progress on Willful Infringement Law at Risk?
Posted 3 days ago

While there are several facets of willful infringement law that the Halo concurrence would have the full court reconsider the one that could have the greatest impact and potentially unwind the patent reform gains…

Beth Hutchens
Seattle Football and The Twelfth Man Trademark
Posted 4 days ago

As part of the settlement agreement Seattle can use the number and whatever rendition of it wishes so long as it sufficiently distinguishes whatever mark it comes up with from th MAN They can…

American Continental Group
A 2015 Trade Policy Outlook
Posted 4 days ago

With Republicans in control of both Chambers the Administration may finally get TPA fast- track negotiating authority for trade agreements that allows the President to negotiate international agreements that Congress can approve or disapprove…