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Top 10 Mistakes Businesses Make with Social Media

Written by Renee C. Quinn
B.S. Pennsylvania State University
M.B.A. University of Phoenix
Posted: February 18, 2011 @ 3:27 pm
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Social Media has quickly become the fastest growing online phenomenon.  Originally Social networking was for college students and artists and musicians, but increasingly businesses of all sizes have jumped on the Social Media bus.  Small, medium and large sized business, retail store owners, politicians, journalistic publications, law firms, chain stores, restaurants and businesses from nearly every industry have chimed in.  Whether you have a brick and mortar retail location or are solely online, Social Media can help.  But as with any business strategy one can partake in, all of your efforts including, time and money are wasted if you do not know what mistakes you should avoid in order to get the most out of your online efforts.

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About the Author

Renee C. Quinn acquired a Masters of Business Administration with her course work focusing on e-Commerce and e-Business, with an emphasis on marketing via the World Wide Web. Her particular career focus to date has been on business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing. She writes on various business and social media topics for You can follow Renee on Twitter at IPWatchdog_Too. Renee is available to consult with individuals and businesses on how to set up and effectively use social media and social networking tools to establish a successful marketing campaign. You can contact Renee via e-mail.

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  1. Renee:

    Great post. I think you covered all the bases nicely and did so by not only sharing the “don’ts,” but also reinforcing the “do’s.” I really enjoyed your contribution and shared it elsewhere including on StumbleUpon. Nice job.

    Marc LeVine

  2. Marc,

    Thank you for your comment. I really enjoyed writing this one. Social media is here to stay and as people realize that, they can begin to capitalize on this new resource for sharing knowledge, acquiring information and generating new business leads. Thank you as always for following IPWatchdog and also for your continued contributions to discussions within the blog.


  3. Great article on Social Media Renee!

  4. Thank you Frank. I enjoyed writing the article. Thank you for your comment and for reading IPWatchdog.


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