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White House Petition Seeks Take Down of

Written by Gene Quinn
Patent Attorney & Founder of IPWatchdog
Widerman & Malek
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Posted: Jan 30, 2013 @ 2:37 pm
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The White House website explains that it is the right of the people to petition the government, a right that is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Of course, the idea of petitioning the President is not something that is new, but the ability to use the Internet to create an online petition that may be considered and responded to by the Federal Government is indeed quite new. Not surprisingly, the Obama Administration, known for savvy use of the Internet both in governance and campaigning, pioneered this unique approach to making government reachable by the masses.

With this in mind, last week, a petition was created to petition the White House to take down the website To date the petition has unfortunately not received many votes. Earlier today I was the 28th e-signer of the petition. My guess is that this is due to lack of publicity more so than anything else. Once people learn of the petition my guess is that the signatures will accumulate quickly, but will there be enough time to reach the 100,000 signature threshold by February 22, 2013?

The first order of business, however, is to get the required 150 signatures so that the petition will be searchable on  To view and/or sign the petition visit We the People.

Why are 100,000 signatures required? you may recall that recently the White House responded to a rather ridiculous petition asking the President to fund the building of a Death Star. See Knowing When You Have to Much Time on Your Hands. At that time the number of signatures required to provoke a response by the Administration was 25,000. After being asked to respond to such a ridiculous petition the number of signatures required for an Administration response was raised to 100,000. It will be an unfortunate tragedy if the petition achieves 25,000 signatures but falls short of the 100,000 signatures required for an official response.

The petition itself is simple. It says: is a website where they post a PERSONAL picture of someone (taken without owners permission from Facebook usually) and let people post ANONYMOUS malicious slander about that person.

There are thousands upon thousands of complaints about this website and how they use people’s copyrighted material without permission. Some of the victims are even minors.

The company keeps in hiding, changing domains and locations of their “business”. The last known attorney for is Maria Crimi Speth. The last known owners are John Fanning, Louis Lardas, Sonia M. Lardas. Take down and the jerks who run it!

I have no illusions about the success of this petition. The petition, even if it achieves 100,000 signatures, will fail. President Obama does not have the authority to remove a website from the Internet, or otherwise punish a company or webhost. What he does have is control of the United States Department of Justice, and it is certainly conceivable that if this petition receives enough attention and is viewed by someone within the Administration that the President could direct the Department of Justice to open an investigation. That would be a fantastic outcome in my opinion, so obtaining the 100,000 signatures should not be viewed as a waste of time or futile.

We have followed the evolution of here at IPWatchdog. For more please see our most recent article Who to Contact to Get Removed.

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is a US Patent Attorney, law professor and the founder of He is also a principal lecturer in the top patent bar review course in the nation, which helps aspiring patent attorneys and patent agents prepare themselves to pass the patent bar exam. Gene started the widely popular intellectual property website in 1999, and since that time the site has had many millions of unique visitors. Gene has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the LA Times, USA Today, CNN Money, NPR and various other newspapers and magazines worldwide. He represents individuals, small businesses and start-up corporations. As an electrical engineer with a computer engineering focus his specialty is electronic and computer devices, Internet applications, software and business methods.

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  1. Hi Gene-

    Registering and voting only took about two minutes, so I really hope others will take the initiative to go after these guys and their very ugly agenda. Even if the initiative doesn’t garner enough votes to be officially accepted, at least it will be a wake up call for the Jerks and the FCC and the judiciary. The president has two young daughters, so surely he can understand what cyber bullying can cause to happen. There have been several cases where young folks have committed suicide as a result of cyber bullying, which is simply not acceptable by any stretch of the First Amendment rights dialog. The rights to free speech come with responsibilities in my opinion, such that the person speaking is held accountable for their actions. If I were to say that Blind Dogma happens to be a complete buffoon and should have his ticket to practice law summarily revoked, I think I could probably expect the delivery of a certified mailing to my address very shortly.

    But of course none of that is true, so why would I want to say something like that in the first place? I have no idea of who he is, or where he lives and practices, nor should I need to know that unless I happen to need his expertise some day. (Just say No to litigation!)

    Best wishes,

  2. I have been investigating attorney Maria Crimi Speth and her client Ripoff Report for years. She has a couple kids of her own and one has to wonder how she would feel if they were on some website. Not a threat merely an observation. The sword you wield is the sword that will cut you.

  3. Here here! Maria Speth alleged that I sent her a death threat, presumably as a means to gain an advantage over me in her client’s failed lawsuit against me. Her client was another notorious website, Ripoff Report.

    Now watch as the trolls wield their poison penned diatribe…..

    Respectfully submitted,
    With my kindest regards,
    Michael Roberts
    Internet Victim’s Advocate, Forensic Analyst and Litigation Support Consultant
    Licensed Private Investigator # 3589109
    Journalist # A 10450 LAPC