Harness Dickey Elects Eight New Principals

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January 11, 2018

Intellectual property attorneys from Metro Detroit, St. Louis and D.C. offices became Principals at the IP law firm

Troy, Michigan (January, 2018) – Harness Dickey, one of the country’s largest and most respected intellectual property law firms, recently announced as of January, 1, 2018 that the following attorneys have been named the firm’s newly elected Principals:

Metro Detroit Office

Kiyoshi Kozu has worked in intellectual property law for more than two decades in both Japan and the United States. He applies his skills and experience in licensing and litigation, as well as in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications to the variety of domestic and international IP matters in which he is currently involved. Kozu serves as an ambassador to the firm’s Japan-based and Japanese-speaking clients.

Timothy Martin primarily focuses on preparing and prosecuting domestic and international patent applications. He handles patents from a broad range of technologies, including mechanical, electromechanical, biomechanical, automotive, controls and electrical arts.


Steven Wangerow’s practice includes preparing invalidity, patentability and freedom-to-practice opinions, as well as preparing and prosecuting domestic and foreign patent applications related to the mechanical, electromechanical and biomedical arts.



Metro St. Louis Office

Elisabeth Koral’s patent practice focuses on preparing and prosecuting patent applications for oil and gas, chemical, and pharmaceutical technologies, including oil refining processes, gas separation processes, polymer chemistry, organometallic chemistry, small molecule chemistry, therapeutic methods and semiconductor devices. She is the firm’s expert in Patent Term Adjustment (PTA) and has successfully petitioned for thousands of days of additional PTA.


Metro D.C. Office

John Ambrose’s practice involves preparing and prosecuting domestic, international and PCT patent applications in the electrical, computer and electromechanical fields. His experience includes technologies that range from telecommunication systems to data storage structures, semiconductor devices, and integrated circuits.


As a patent attorney, Sung Pil Kim prepares and prosecutes patent applications in the electrical, computer and internet, electromechanical and mechanical arts. Kim is bilingual in both English and Korean, and is able to understand and read technical articles in Japanese.


Michael Teich prepares and prosecutes domestic, international and PCT patent applications in the electrical and mechanical arts. He has experience in prosecuting patent applications in the field of telecommunications, data storage structure, semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, surgical robots, walking assistance robots, laser and ink jet printing devices, LCD technology and medical imaging devices.

Michael Varco’s practice is focused on preparing and prosecuting domestic and international patent applications in the chemical and electrical arts. A sampling of his experience includes specialized technologies involving semiconductors, nuclear technology and electronic vapor devices.


About Harness Dickey

Harness Dickey has obtained more than 60,000 patents for its clients since its founding in 1921.  Currently ranked seventh among the nation’s top patent firms in a 2016 poll by IPWatchdog, Harness Dickey safeguards critical IP assets on a global scale for Fortune 500 companies, private and public businesses, universities, inventors, artists and entrepreneurs.  Harness Dickey has offices in the metropolitan areas of Dallas, Detroit, St. Louis and Washington, D.C.

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