Ambercite is Seeking Sales Representatives with Knowledge of Patent Process

Ambercite, a leader in citation based patent search technology, is seeking to hire multiple North American Sales Representatives. Their online database comprises of over 110 million patents in  over fifty million patent families from almost 100 jurisdictions around the world. Their AI assisted search tools, given one or more starting patents, can almost instantly find, score and rank as many as 2,000 similar patents, and display their title, abstract, images priority dates and owners in an easy to use interactive table.

Their product is offered by way of annual subscription and is used by major corporations, patent attorneys and small one-man search shops. While they do have customers in the US, their focus to date has been in Europe. We are now targeting US customers and are looking for and experienced sales person who understands patent search, and has the ability to deliver a consistent level of sales.  They will consider part time or full time applicants. Remuneration is by way of a small retainer and expense allowance and a generous commission. Most sales will be conducted by phone and online demonstrations, not a great deal of travel will be involved, hence they are not concerned about the applicants’ locations, so long as its in North America.

Duties to Include

  • Responding to inquiries from the web
  • Running online demonstrations one to one and one to many
  • Active prospecting for new leads using publicly available information such as Linkedin, and our internal database
  • Responding to existing customer help needs
  • Feeding back to our development team, customer requests for new features

Qualifications Required

The ideal candidate will have :

  • A good working knowledge of the patent process and the needs of patent attorneys, patent owners, and specialist patent searchers.
  • A demonstrated ability to prospect for leads
  • The skill to sell new concepts, handle objections and win the trust of a potential buyer
  • Most of all…. a demonstrated ability to close sales. Typical sale value $7-$10,000, but some in the $30-50k range

Interested Candidates

Interested Candidates, please submit your cover letter addressed to Gavan Farley. We would appreciate you specifying where you heard about this position, so please reference IPWatchdog when you apply.

About Ambercite

Ambercite is a young Aussie company with a big mission. Our search tools give a completely unique view of the patent landscape.. so much so that our mantra is that …..No Search is complete without it… We find patents missed by other search tools.

Most of our potential clients will already have sophisticated search tools from one or more of the big players… and that’s fine, but they are all based on words, language, and semantics… Ambercite takes a different view, by studying analyzing and mapping the relationships ( known, unknown or hidden) then scoring, ranking and displaying the results an easy to review format.

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