Guidelines for Articles

We are happy to accept guest contributions and publish them on In fact, we have published several hundred guest articles and are increasingly publishing articles from distinguished guest authors.

We do not dictate topics or viewpoint to guest contributors, and we have minimal requirements. Our requirements/rules are:

  • Be interesting, informative and pertinent to the readers of  In other words, topically relevant.  We view our blog as relating to all things IP (i.e.., patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret), as well as to topics related to the business of IP, innovation and technology.
  • Be a minimum of 800 words in length.  We do not have a word maximum, and with longer works we can split them up into segments more suitable for Internet reading.
  • Be original works that have not been previously posted to the Internet and are intended exclusively for publication on  This requirement is loosened when publishing executive summaries of longer pieces, such as a law review article, but even there the executive summary should be a derivative work that has not previously been published.
  • While the author will retain the copyright, we require a minimum 1 month exclusive publication period before another online or real world publication may republish the article. Subsequent republication, if any, must link to the page where the article was previously published.
  • If the article includes figures, the figures should be provided separately in either JPG or PNG format, and not embedded into a Word document.
  • The article must not be commercial in nature.
  • In our experience the title will dictate how many readers are attracted to an article. While authors are encouraged to suggest titles, the choice of the final title is up to the Editor. In the online world a title should ordinarily be 60 characters or less.
  • In the event that your article is a series, we no longer use the same title for each segment followed by “part X.” This minimizes, rather than maximizes, readers. For a series each segment should have its own unique title. We then link each segment together as a part of the series, which is defined by the title of the first segment.
  • We do not publish outlines, or articles that employ excessive use of outline numbering.
  • We require a short bio and professional head shot photo of the author along with the URL landing page you would like us to link to.
  • Footnotes and Endnotes are not preferred. In almost all cases we require articles with citations to have the citation included within the article and with links to reference materials already embedded in the article or in parentheses behind each highlighted word you would like linked.  We like to highlight the people, cases, companies and products we talk about in our posts.  For Example:

“This recognition is yet another testament to the reputation that our faculty, students, and alumni have built over the years,” said John Broderick, Dean of UNH School of Law. “With the accolades that our IP faculty and students are earning for their achievements and innovations, our Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property continues to cement its place as a global leader in IP.”

If you are interested in contributing please let us know by visiting our Contact Page and sending us a message.  Someone will be in touch as soon as possible.