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Not Legal Advice, Just an Informed Opinion

Hello and welcome to our little slice of the World Wide Web, a place where passion and opinions run high in our niche area, which just so happens to be the world of patents, innovation, technology, business and other areas of intellectual property. The chief author for is Gene Quinn, an opinionated commentator who is a law professor and patent attorney. Gene wrote from 2004 to 2007 for Patent World magazine, periodically writes for Inventors Digest and he has written many law review articles. Gene is also becoming known as a journalist, at least in his area of specialization. In November 2009 he was granted press credentials by the United States Supreme Court, occasionally covers important Federal Circuit cases and is considered to be a member of the media by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Those familiar with Gene know that he has a particular view of the world and most of his articles are opinion pieces, sometimes referred to as Op-Ed articles. When Gene writes he attempts to both inform and entertain. His beliefs are strong and that almost always comes through. His passion leads him to frequently write what others may be thinking but choose not to say, although he only speaks for himself. Yet, if he is of the belief that the Emperor is not wearing any clothes he will surely point that out. While some might find his writings partisan, the truth is that Gene is unafraid to call out those from both parties when they advocate what he believes to be poor policies or say dumb things.  You may not always agree with him, but our hope is that you will find his writing thought provoking, brutally honest and from the heart.

Although Gene is an attorney, and many of the guest contributors to are also attorneys or patent agents, the pages of should not be considered to be legal advice, but rather are intended to be informational. No attorney-client relationship is established through your use of, and Gene only engages in representation when there is a written representation agreement entered defining the scope of the representation.  If you are interested in retaining Gene please see Our Services.

We hope that to some extent the pages of help you better understand particular legal concepts and business strategies, but it is always important to remember that there is no such thing as competent one-size-fits-all legal advice. Legal advice is intended to be dispensed on a case by case basis. This is due to the complexity of the law and the reality that even minor, seemingly inconsequential facts can make an enormous difference. Therefore, we urge you to use the pages of as nothing more than background information. Our hope is that by reading you will become a more educated consumer of legal and related services, but the pages of are not a substitute for hiring an attorney.

So how could Gene and others possibly make the topic of patents, innovation and business entertaining? A good question, and one that you will undoubtedly learn the answer to as we ourselves endeavor to figure that out. Gene likes to think that he the funniest patent attorney on the planet, but then again the bar for reaching this lofty distinction in this niche is admittedly not very high. In any event, our evidence that he is funny is that his students laugh at his jokes (at least some of the time), and he is not a tax attorney, so he must have at least some personality, right? Whether he is really entertaining or just hearing pity laughter is for his students to know and you to find out through reading the pages of

The point of is to try and identify wrongs, advance positions, articulate opinions, inform the masses, influence decision-makers and have some fun saving the world for generations to come. Essentially, fights for truth, justice and the American way, not unlike Superman… well… very much unlike Superman if you are concerning yourself with faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and the ability to leap tall buildings with a single bound. We are, however, not affected by kryptonite, so at least we have that going for us, which is nice!

The US patent system and the US economy are facing monumental problems and we are here to help. If we can have fun doing that and give you a smile from time to time then more power to us!

Finally, in case you haven’t figured it out already, the views expressed by the authors published on are their own personal views and should not be attributed to our sponsors.

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