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As part of the LexisNexis family, Reed Technology serves its clients in the public and private sectors with the expertise required in the technology-focused field of content management and IP services. Our dedication to precision, quality and customer service has made Reed Technology a market leader and a subject matter expert.

The Reed Tech Patent Advisor™ information system is revolutionizing the patent acquisition process by strategically positioning itself as the source of comprehensive analytic profiles detailing the past decisions of individual patent examiners and art units. The Patent Advisor system can make obtaining a patent a more systematic, strategic and predictable process.

The Patent Advisor information system is an innovative, powerful tool that:

  • contains detailed records of the actions of over 7,000 specific patent examiners and every art unit at the US Patent and Trademark Office
  • provides a unique view into the significant variation in decision making patterns from one individual examiner to the next
  • reveals useful information such as the average time for a patent grant for any specific examiner, examiner allowance rates, appeal practice success rates, RCE turn-around time, susceptibility to allowance after an interview

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The Reed Tech Web Preserver provides comprehensive website and social media archiving. There are currently two core approaches in our solution:

Automated website and social media capture, in which

  • the application captures website pages on a recurring time frame that meets the client’s business needs, social media on an hourly basis and RSS feeds every 20 minutes
  • supports compliance and risk mitigation as well as the legal function

Web Preserver on-demand manual capture

  • captures a fully functioning page or series of pages from a website or social media property as needed
  • supports the legal, marketing and competitive intelligence functions

Reed Archives goes beyond simply the markup of a page or a screenshot and will take a complete capture of the page as it exists at the time of archiving and allow the end user to play it back exactly as it was. The extracted data will be available for searching, tagging, or exporting.

The Reed Tech Web Preserver service was nominated as a CODiE finalist for Best Legal Information Solution and Best Business Information Solution in 2013.

Specialties Include:

Complex data capture, conversion and management, Web Archiving Services


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