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Attracting and Keeping Good Corporate Clients: Navigating the relationship between inside and outside counsel

About This Webinar:

As the strength of US patents has waned over the past decade, more and more companies are seeking higher quality patents from their outside counsel. The pressures outside counsel face to deliver more within the often-decreasing budgets can easily cause friction in the relationship between inside and outside counsel. Navigating those frictions and keeping good clients happy is extremely important for every attorney and firm.

In December 2018, Benjamin Brown, Assistant General Counsel of IP for Analog Devices, Inc. joined us for a conversation about why it is difficult to measure outside counsel performance. Ben provided a framework for evaluating outside counsel performance, including discussion of best practices for outside counsel to improve their relationships with clients and grow their business.

On January 10, 2019, we continue our discussion, but this time incorporating the vantage point of the outside counsel tasked with providing work for a high-tech corporation. Joining us for this conversation will be Bart Eppenauer, Managing Partner of the Seattle office of Shook, Hardy & Bacon, and former Chief Patent Counsel for Microsoft.

In addition to answering as many questions as possible from the audience, we will discuss:

In this webinar, we will discuss:

Thursday, January 10, 2019

12:00 PM EST, 9:00 AM PST

About the Speakers


Benjamin Brown

Assistant General Counsel of Intellectual Property, Analog Devices, Inc. 

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Managing Partner, Shook Hardy & Bacon

Bart Eppenauer is a managing partner with Shook Hardy & Bacon.  He rejoined the firm after serving as Microsoft’s chief patent counsel for more than a decade. Bart's practice at Shook focuses on strategic IP counseling and analysis, pre-­litigation and litigation strategy, complex multilateral IP transactions and license agreements and IP policy advocacy. He has extensive experience in IP transactions and scenarios, including product development agreements; patent licensing (including patent pools); open source software licensing; usage and contributions; industry standards usage, participation and contributions; strategic alliances, joint development and collaboration agreements; and due diligence involving IP asset evaluation.

Bart Eppenauer Founder, Top 300 IP Strategist

Gene Quinn is a US Patent Attorney, Editor and a leading commentator on patent law and innovation policy.  He is the Founder and Editor of, which he founded in 1999. Gene writes about patent law, patent and innovation policy, proposed legislation, rule making, software patents and more.  In 2014, Mr. Quinn was names one of the top 50 most influential people in IP by Managing IP Magazine.  And in both 2017 and 2018, he has been recognized by IAM Magazine as one of the top IP strategists in the world. Regarded as an expert on software patentability and U.S. patent procedure, Mr. Quinn regularly advises attorneys and clients on patent matters, litigation strategy and appeals.

Gene Quinn


Bart Eppenauer

Managing Partner, Shook Hardy & Bacon 

  • Effective ways to attract and keep good corporate clients.
  • The pressures outside counsel face to deliver more within the often-decreasing budgets of corporate clients.
  • Handling issues that can cause friction in the relationship between inside and outside counsel.

Assistant General Counsel of Intellectual Property, Analog Devices, Inc. 

Benjamin Brown is the Assistant General Counsel of Intellectual Property for Analog Devices, Inc., where he handles Analog's worldwide Intellectual Property matters, including portfolio management, patent procurement, IP strategy, trade secret protection, copyright, trademark, and mask work registration. He also handles a number of Analog's licensing and IP agreements and assist on M&A deals. In addition, he oversee various litigious and contentious matters for Analog, which can involve IP or be general in nature, and directly supports the legal needs of Analog's CTO and his staff including Analog's advanced R&D initiatives, strategic investments, and sponsored research at Universities around the world. In addition, his work at Analog Devices involves managing outside law firms, interfacing with customers, suppliers, Universities, and business units, as well as educating and helping Analog's employees with legal matters.

Benjamin Brown

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