Adam Mossoff

Judge Douglas Ginsburg

Adam Mossoff is a Professor of Law at George Mason University. Professor Mossoff is a prolific scholar who writes on a variety of patent law issues. He is a co-founder of the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property.

Posts by Adam Mossoff

Apply Evidence-based Approach to Antitrust Law Equally to Innovators and Implementers

As judges, former judges and government officials, legal academics and economists who are experts in antitrust and intellectual property law, we write to express our support for …

Repetition of Junk Science & Epithets Does Not Make Them True

In their submission to the Washington Post’s series this week on so-called “patent reform” and “patent trolls,” James Bessen and Michael Meurer repeat the same junk …
By Adam Mossoff
3 years ago 22

America’s First Patent Thicket: Sewing Machine War of the 1850s

The story of the invention and development of the sewing machine challenges these two assumptions insofar as it is a story of a patent thicket in an …
By Adam Mossoff
7 years ago 65

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