Amy J. Savoie

Amy J. Savoie

Amy J. Savoie is a licensed attorney practicing as a solo practitioner and consulting attorney for several Nashville area law firms. Prior to law school, Amy was an immunologist who studied therapeutic antibody treatments for multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases. She earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry with a concentration in molecular and cellular biology from Dartmouth Medical School, where her thesis work focused on the importance of cell surface molecules involved in the development and persistence of immune responses. Amy is an internationally published expert in legal and human rights issues related to child abduction, and her pro bono practice concentrates on complex international children’s rights cases.

Posts by Amy J. Savoie

Reflections on Taking the Patent Bar Exam

If you are reading this article beyond the title, you are either preparing to take the USPTO’s patent bar exam or you are considering whether you …
By Amy J. Savoie
4 years ago 7

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