Bruce Berman

Bruce Berman

Bruce Berman is principal of Brody Berman Associates, a management consulting and IP communications firm that differentiates holders and improves understanding. He has supported 200+ portfolios, executives and businesses, including law firms and their clients. Bruce is responsible for five books, including From Ideas to Assets and The Intangible Investor. He also writes The Intangible Investor column, which appears in IAM magazine. His weekly posts about trends can be seen at IP CloseUp. In 2016, Bruce founded the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding, an independent, non-profit that focuses on IP awareness and attitudes.

Posts by Bruce Berman

‘Move Fast and Break Things’ decries IP behavior of Internet giants

Move Fast and Break Things, subtitled How Facebook, Google and Amazon Cornered Culture and Undermined Democracy, dissects the inordinate power of a handful of the popular, primarily …
By Bruce Berman
8 months ago 4

U.S. patent system may be biggest obstacle for inventors

The NPR-style article tells the story of Tory Norred, a fellow in the cardiology program at the University of Missouri, who in 1998 came up with the idea …
By Bruce Berman
1 year ago 44

Study: Media use of the term “patent troll” negatively predisposes readers, courts

"Patent troll," the term employed by leading newspapers, magazines and online publications to describe how some patents are owned and used, provides a prejudicial impression of patent …
By Bruce Berman
2 years ago 11

The Case that Launched 10,000 Patent Suits

The Polaroid-Kodak dispute involved patents covering instant photography, which at the time was among the most valuable technologies. It was the case that launched 10,000 patent suits, many …
By Bruce Berman
2 years ago 4