Carlo Cotrone

Carlo Cotrone

Carlo Cotrone is Senior Intellectual Property Counsel at Baker Hughes, a GE company, in Houston. As lead IP counsel for the Subsea Production Systems, Subsea Drilling Systems, Surface Pressure Control, Downhole Technology, and Production Solutions business units, he develops and manages the execution of offensive and defensive IP strategies; provides IP and general corporate advice; and negotiates strategic agreements with customers, suppliers, and licensees. Previously, Carlo practiced law at several firms on the East Coast and in the Midwest, most recently as a partner.

Posts by Carlo Cotrone

‘Patent Prosecutor’ or ‘IP Counselor’?: Clients and Practitioners Should Choose Wisely

In sum, patent prosecutors who operate principally as IP counselors best position themselves to make a greater impact on their clients and build a more profitable, sustainable …
By Carlo Cotrone
4 months ago 5

Seven Hallmarks of a Rational Global Patent Strategy

Faced with ever-shrinking budgets and mounting pressure from the C-suite to demonstrate intellectual property (IP) value, many enterprises have jettisoned a once-prevailing global patent strategy: “File anywhere …
By Carlo Cotrone
6 months ago 0

Revisiting the Standard NDA After ZeniMax v. Oculus

ZeniMax offers useful insights for enterprises seeking to maximize the benefits of NDAs while minimizing the time and effort needed to negotiate them... Most technology enterprises are …
By Carlo Cotrone
9 months ago 0

Does Your IP Strategy Need a Tune-Up?

While many, if not most, enterprises have instituted, and are executing, an IP strategy of some sort, an important question should be considered: Is the IP strategy …
By Carlo Cotrone
10 months ago 0

Invention Harvesting: Best Practices for Turning Aspiration into Action

Invention harvesting can be leveraged in the context of active development projects to ensure that valuable project-related intellectual property (IP) is duly protected. Significantly, invention harvesting also …
By Carlo Cotrone
1 year ago 0