Damian R LaPlaca

Damian R LaPlaca

Damian R LaPlaca is a patent and intellectual property litigator at Devine Millimet & Branch in Boston, Massachusetts with over 25 years of experience.  He has served as lead counsel in a variety of patent and trade secret disputes in different state and federal courts, including Massachusetts, Virginia, and Puerto Rico.  He has twice argued and succeeded in convincing the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to reverse two decisions in the district courts on matters that generated national interest.  Mr. LaPlaca has written before on beating patent trolls.  He is the Chairman of the Intellectual Property Litigation Committee within the Complex Commercial Litigation Committee of the Massachusetts Bar Association. 

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Posts by Damian R LaPlaca

Supreme Court Ruling Opens Door to Additional Constitutional Challenges to the Lanham Act

The Supreme Court ruled that the anti-disparagement clause in the Lanham Act violates the Free Speech Clause in the First Amendment. Matal v. Tam. As a result, …
By Damian R LaPlaca
4 months ago 0

Diverging Viewpoints on Venue Change Following T.C. Heartland

In two recent decisions following T. C. Heartland, district courts have applied two different methodologies in resolving motions to change venue... In the first decision a trial …
By Damian R LaPlaca
5 months ago 0

Defeating Patent Trolls with Failure to Mark

Many defendants to patent troll suits have never heard of the patent owner or its patent(s), and will have never received notice of infringement until service …
By Damian R LaPlaca
1 year ago 14