Jean Paul Castille

Jean Paul Castille

Jean Paul Castille is a French independent inventor and has been doing business in the US for 25 years. He is the president of Antor Media Corporation, a US patent licensing firm. He has invented and patented the basic technologies for the legal downloading and streaming of music and video over the Internet and telecommunication networks (US patent 5,734,961). Recognized as a precursor in the field of the Internet, he has received a “Worldwide Invention Award” in 1995. His company has litigated his US patent in Texas and licensed market leaders. Mr. Castille has a master's degree in engineering with honors from ENSAM Paris, a leading general engineering school of France. His career has been dedicated to invention, the development and commissioning of prototype systems in different areas of the industry. To speak with him please contact him via e-mail.

Posts by Jean Paul Castille

I hope Trump’s ‘America first’ will apply to inventors

I believe it’s not a good thing to be an inventor in the US and I hope that Trump’s “America first” will apply to inventors. …
By Jean Paul Castille
2 years ago 1

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