John F. Martin

John F. Martin

John F. Martin is responsible for CPA Global’s worldwide sales, field marketing and growth strategies. He is also Chief Executive Officer of Innography, where, in recent years, he has tripled the company’s growth rate, and led major product advances and global expansion. At IQNavigator, John served in C-level roles, helping drive 50-fold revenue growth. He was head of products at Saba Software and CSG Systems, and a management consultant at McKinsey & Co. John earned an MBA from Stanford and two engineering degrees from MIT.

Posts by John F. Martin

Are You Maximizing Your Intellectual Property? Generating more value in the innovation era

Today’s pace of innovation and competitive intensity demand greater protection of new ideas and inventions. Yet intellectual property (IP) management is not a high business priority …
By John F. Martin
3 years ago 1

The Myth of the 18-Month Delay in Publishing Patent Applications

Starting in November 2000, the USPTO started publishing patent applications 18 months after their earliest filing date. So the simple assumption is that you file a patent and 18 months …
By John F. Martin
3 years ago 8

Sued by a Patent Troll? How to Respond to Demand Letters

Also rising at an alarming rate are the number of infringement assertions, which can often take the form of a threatening letter that goes over the top …
By John F. Martin
5 years ago 4

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