Kris Rhu

Kris Rhu

Kris Rhu is a patent attorney with Harrity & Harrity specializing in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications. His practice focuses primarily on electrical and computer technologies, including computer networking, telecommunications, computer hardware, computer software, and security systems. Prior to joining Harrity & Harrity, LLP, he was a Primary Patent Examiner at the USPTO, where he examined patent applications directed to electrical and computer technologies, including input/output interfaces and devices, computer memory, computer networking, processors, and software development. He also worked at the Patent and Trial Appeals Board helping Administrative Patent Judges write opinions for Ex Parte Appeals. While working full-time at the USPTO, Kris attended The George Washington University National Law Center.

Posts by Kris Rhu

Examining USPTO Business Method Patent Eligibility Examples

On December 15, 2016, the USPTO published three subject matter eligibility examples focusing on business method claims. The purpose of these examples is to give guidance on how claims …
By Kris Rhu & Paul Gurzo
2 years ago 1

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