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Mark Nowotarski is the President of Markets, Patents & Alliances L.L.C..He is a registered US patent agent specializing in business methods. Prior to being a patent agent, Mark was a Corporate R&D Fellow for Praxair Inc., and a named inventor on 17 US patents. Mark has an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and a BSE in Aerospace, Mechanical Sciences and Engineering Physics from Princeton. He’s also an avid mushroom hunter and president of the Rotary Club of Darien CT.

Posts by Mark Nowotarski

Surviving Alice: Counseling the Client

In accordance with the above discussion, particularly point (a), the client should be apprised of the necessity of fully fleshing out the inventive aspects of the technical …

An International Economy Means I Need An International Patent, Right?

Before selling your product outside the United States, you need to take into account the vastly different cultural and market preferences outside the country. As anyone who …
By Mark Nowotarski
4 years ago 0

How to Know When You’re Ready to File a Nonprovisional Patent Application

Holding a provisional patent application pending, but failing to file a nonprovisional patent application by the one year deadline, means you lose the right to that filing …
By Mark Nowotarski
4 years ago 6

Are you Ready to File a Provisional Patent Application?

Your goal in patenting an invention is to make money by turning it into a real product. It won’t do you any good to file a …
By Mark Nowotarski
4 years ago 28

Why Inventors Should Not Rely On Their Own Search

Some inventors consider doing the search of the Patent Office on their own, but there are several downsides to this plan. Their emotional attachment to the invention …
By Mark Nowotarski
4 years ago 7

The Power of Policing Trademarks and Design Patents

It’s amazing how fast a successful product is counterfeited and how brazen the copying is. The figure above illustrates what counterfeiting looks like. Counterfeiters copy everything….…
By Mark Nowotarski
5 years ago 4

The Power of Portfolio: Strong Design Patents III

Broadening coverage by refiling cases has been a very effective strategy for Apple. The child patent, D593,087, was one of the patents they successfully enforced against Samsung …
By Mark Nowotarski
5 years ago 5

Strong Design Patents: The Power of Color

Ironically, color design patents are still published in black and white. The front page of a design patent will inform you, however, that the USPTO has a …
By Mark Nowotarski
5 years ago 5

Strong Design Patents: The Power of The Broken Line

Design patents can cover one or more of the shape, color, ornamentation or texture of an object. Design patents claiming a shape typically have line drawings showing …
By Mark Nowotarski
5 years ago 2

Getting Your Invention off of the Ground with Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a proven way to get initial funding for the commercialization of an invention. Crowdfunding involves posting a project description on the internet, asking for pledges …
By Mark Nowotarski
5 years ago 2

Getting a Loan with Your Patents

An assignment indicates who owns an issued patent or pending patent application. They are registered with the USPTO and available for public inspection. There is a special …
By Mark Nowotarski
6 years ago 21

Making it Easier to Get a Patent

Contrary to popular belief, things are getting much better in business methods. Applications filed in 1999 had prosecution times of over 10 years (lower green arrow). These and subsequent …
By Mark Nowotarski
6 years ago 22

Accelerated Examination is Better Examination

I spoke to five patent practitioners (attorneys and agents) who filed successful 12 month accelerated examination cases in 2011 to get their input on how the process went for …
By Mark Nowotarski
6 years ago 6

First-to-File and the Speed of Technology Evolution

22% of social network patent applications are filed within one year of the youngest prior art cited against them. So speed of filing counts. If these applications had …
By Mark Nowotarski
7 years ago 8

Funding Your Invention: Get Started with Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding addresses the two biggest challenges many inventors have. “What is the market for my product?” and “How do I get initial funds to produce it?” Conventional …
By Mark Nowotarski
7 years ago 38

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