Meredith Addy

Meredith Addy

Meredith Addy is an experienced intellectual property litigator who specializes in cases before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and at the USPTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board. She has served as first- or second-chair trial counsel in nearly 30 federal district court cases, and has handled more than 40 appeals to the Federal Circuit. Addy is a member of the Federal Circuit Bar Association’s board of directors, and she been a member of the Federal Circuit’s Advisory Council for more than a decade. Because of her knowledge of patent litigation and the Federal Circuit, she has testified before Congress on the state of the Federal Circuit and patent appeals. Recently, Law360 named her one of the Most Influential Women in IP Law. Reflecting her passion for protecting innovation, Addy created the blog Business De Novo, to generate conversations about the business of innovation and its importance to the economy. For more information, or to contact Meredith, please visit her firm profile page.

Posts by Meredith Addy

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream … for Sunscreen

But this morning, on seeing the juxtaposition of two random emails in my inbox, I had to pause at the ongoing nuttiness of our regulatory environment. In …
By Meredith Addy
1 month ago 10

Is there a Light at the End of the Alice Tunnel?

Maybe I’m being too optimistic. But in a pair of decisions issued within a week of each other, Berkheimer v. HP and Aatrix Software v. Green …
By Meredith Addy
2 months ago 32

A Surreal Endeavor: Asserting Patent Rights in the U.S.

Asserting patent rights is a surreal endeavor these days. While the statistics on survival at the PTAB are improving, with the percentage of initiated proceedings declining and …
By Meredith Addy
2 months ago 15

For A Trial Court Peering Through The Looking Glass, Everything Appears Abstract

Many district courts have interpreted Alice as authorizing invalidation of issued patents as “abstract” based solely on the pleadings. They have done so even where the invalidation …
By Meredith Addy
6 months ago 5

Confessions of a Frustrated Patent Attorney: The Telephone Call

I used to receive telephone calls, quite frequently, asking about the procedure for preparing and filing a patent application. Today, I no longer receive these calls. I …
By Meredith Addy
7 months ago 33

Request for Amicus Support at Federal Circuit in Evolutionary Intelligence v. Sprint Nextel Corp.

Since the Supreme Court’s Alice decision, district courts and the Federal Circuit have been ruling on what they perceive as the “abstractness” of patents—not with …
By Meredith Addy
1 year ago 3