Michael Gulliford

Michael Gulliford

Michael Gulliford is the Founder and a Managing Principal of Soryn IP Group, a patent advisory and litigation finance firm headquartered in
New York City that closed $140 million in patent deals in 2017. In
addition to its robust advisory practice, Soryn manages one of the
largest funds in the U.S. dedicated to patent litigation finance via
its Soryn Capital affiliate. Michael has repeatedly been named to the
list of the Leading IP Strategists in the World, and is regularly
asked to speak and publish on the latest patent developments. Prior to
founding Soryn, Michael was a partner in the patent litigation group
at Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Michael graduated magna cum laude from the
Seton Hall University School of Law and received his B.A. in
Neuroscience from Columbia University.

Posts by Michael Gulliford

Patent-Based Financings: Unlocking Licensing Revenues While Mitigating IP Monetization Risks

Patent monetization has become nearly impossible for middle-market technology companies without engaging in some level of legal action. Management teams have consequently shied away from pursuing licensing …

A Successful Patent Operation Requires the Right Team and the Right Deal

It should go without saying that a good team is a necessary ingredient toward building a successful patent operation. Unfortunately, many companies think they can check the “…
By Michael Gulliford
3 years ago 2

Sound Patent Portfolio Management is the Key to Innovation Success

Although the job of developing the patent portfolio never ends, once the assets begin to reach a critical mass it becomes equally important to tactically manage the …
By Michael Gulliford
3 years ago 1

Building Patent Success In The New Innovation Ecosystem

To compete in our new innovation ecosystem — no matter big or small — there are a handful of competencies that an organization should master when it comes to …
By Michael Gulliford
3 years ago 0

When It Comes To Patents, John Oliver Takes The Easy Way Out

Mr. Oliver strongly misses the mark. It is not trial lawyers who are blocking the Innovation Act, as Mr. Oliver claims. Rather, it is a large swath …
By Michael Gulliford
4 years ago 12

If New Congress Picks Up Patent Reform, Let’s Hope It Drops Loser Pays

The most recent patent reform bill to pass the House, which is now expected to receive Senate backing as well, is the Goodlatte Innovation Act (H.R. 3309). …
By Michael Gulliford
4 years ago 32

If Patent Reform Is Meant to Starve Patent Trolls, Why Is It Feeding Them Instead?

In the post-AIA world, patent litigation has become an expensive and very risky proposition for law firms. The end result is undoubtedly one of the great ironies …
By Michael Gulliford
4 years ago 14

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