Michael Carrier

Michael Carrier

Michael Carrier is a Distinguished Professor at Rutgers Law School. Professor Carrier is a leading authority in antitrust, copyright, patent, and innovation law. He has been quoted in numerous media outlets throughout the world, and is the author of Innovation for the 21st Century: Harnessing the Power of Intellectual Property and Antitrust Law, the editor of Critical Concepts in Intellectual Property Law: Competition, and the author of more than 55 book chapters and law review articles in leading journals. On the topic of pharmaceutical antitrust law, Professor Carrier has written 15 articles, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Antitrust Subcommittee, and submitted amicus briefs on behalf of hundreds of professors and antitrust/consumer organizations in courts throughout the country.

You can view his scholarly works via his SSRN Author Page.

Posts by Michael Carrier

A Simple Way to Lower Drug Prices

Consumers suffer the scourge of high drug prices. Brand-name drug companies reap monopoly profits. But generic drugs, which promise lower prices, are often nowhere to be found. …
By Michael Carrier
2 years ago 4

Third Circuit Lamictal Ruling: ‘Payment’ Broader than Cash

On June 26, the Third Circuit held that payment includes more than just cash transfers. Judge Scirica, in a unanimous decision, wrote that Glaxo's promise to Teva not …
By Michael Carrier
3 years ago 0

Why Actavis Is Not Limited to Cash: Professors Brief in Lamictal

First, the Actavis decision is not limited to cash. The case itself involved not cash payments, but brand overpayments for generic services. In addition, the Supreme Court’…
By Michael Carrier
4 years ago 0

The Supreme Court’s Actavis Decision, Or Why Pay-for-Delay Litigation Just Got More Active

In this case, the Supreme Court considered an arrangement by which brand firm Solvay paid generics Watson (now Actavis) and Paddock roughly $30 to $40 million to delay entering …
By Michael Carrier
5 years ago 1

Supreme Court Agrees To Tackle Drug Patent Settlements

In the past several years, the Second, Eleventh, and Federal Circuits have upheld these settlements (known as “reverse payment” agreements since the money flows from the patentee …
By Michael Carrier
5 years ago 4

Reverse Payment Home Run for Pharma Antitrust Enforcement

One of the most complex issues in antitrust and patent law today involves agreements by which brand-name drug companies pay generics to delay entering the market. In …
By Michael Carrier
6 years ago 9

Hatch-Waxman at the Supreme Court: Supporting Cert. in Cipro

One of the most debated issues in patent and antitrust law today involves pharmaceutical patent settlements. Brand-name drug manufacturers pay generic firms to settle patent litigation and …
By Michael Carrier
7 years ago 1