Robert Levy

Robert Levy

Robert Levy is an Intellectual Property Attorney with over 35 years’ experience. Bob has held various corporate patent counsel positions with GE, AT&T and Technicolor where he has concentrated his practice on worldwide patent prosecution, patent assertion, defense of third-party patent claims, and inventor counseling in high technology areas such as software, computer systems, machine vision, video compression, wireless devices, and content storage and delivery.

Bob is a graduate of CorneII University with a BS in Engineering and a JD from Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago Kent College of Law. He is admitted to practice in New York, and New Jersey and is registered before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Bob has served as a CLE lecturer for many years on various patent law topics including Ethical Considerations in Patent Practice and Protecting Computer-Related Inventions.

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Proceed with Caution When Acquiring a Licensor’s Patents

All too often, the prospective licensee/purported infringer usually doesn’t begin its efforts to acquire the patent(s) until after making disparaging statements about them during …
By Robert Levy
3 months ago 1