Samuel Hayim

Samuel Hayim

Samuel Hayim is a former patent examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office and recently joined Kilpatrick Townsend at their Washington DC office. Samuel's work focuses on patent prosecution in the software and electronic arts, in particular software development frameworks, control systems, and network security. Samuel is current student at Georgetown University Law Center and holds a degree in computer engineering and minors in mathematics and electrical engineering from University of Arizona.

Posts by Samuel Hayim

PTAB is Bogged Down by Eligibility Appeals

The low allowance rates and nearly blanket eligibility-rejection issuance in the business-method art units is not without consequence. Beyond disincentivizing innovation, the examination of business-method applications is …
By Samuel Hayim & Kate Gaudry
13 days ago 17

Ex Parte Appeals in the Post-Alice World

Amongst the appeals involving patent-eligibility rejections, the most recently filed appeal brief was filed in November 2015. Thus, all of the appeal briefs and most of the PTAB …
By Kate Gaudry & Samuel Hayim
2 years ago 17