Theodore Chiacchio

Theodore Chiacchio

Theodore Chiacchio is a Partner at SpencePC in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Chiacchio, a PTO-registered patent attorney, has amassed over 15 years of experience litigating high-stakes, complex, federal civil cases. While Mr. Chiacchio’s litigation practice has focused predominantly on patent litigation, Mr. Chiacchio also has significant experience with other types of civil litigation, including copyright infringement, a range of other business torts, employment discrimination, and white collar civil enforcement matters. Mr. Chiacchio has substantial experience representing his clients before the USPTO’s Patent and Trial Appeal Board in connection with Inter Partes Review proceedings, in connection with which he has represented both patent challengers and patent-holders. Mr. Chiacchio has also spent a considerable portion of his career preparing Opinions of Counsel regarding patent infringement/non-infringement, patent validity/invalidity, patent enforceability/unenforceability, and freedom to operate. More generally, Mr. Chiacchio regularly counsels clients regarding all manner of patent-related strategy issues. Mr. Chiacchio’s patent law experience spans a range of technologies, including pharmaceuticals, computer software, mechanical (including medical devices), battery technologies, digital signage, and monitoring/tracking sensor technology, among other technologies. Mr. Chiacchio earned his Bachelor of Arts degree (Biology, French) from Bucknell University in 1999 and his Juris Doctor degree from Cornell University Law School in 2002. Prior to joining Spence PC, Mr. Chiacchio served as an associate at Kenyon & Kenyon (now part of Andrews Kurth Kenyon) and, most recently, practiced for just short of a decade at a top tier patent litigation boutique in Chicago.

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