William Merritt

William Merritt

William Merritt is President and CEO of InterDigital, a mobile technology company that designs and develops advanced technologies that enable and enhance mobile communications and capabilities. Chordant is InterDigital’s Smart City-focused IoT business.

For More information or to contact William, please visit his Company Profile Page.

Posts by William Merritt

Protecting IP Builds Confidence and Encourages Investment in the Future

Protecting IP means securing a portion of a $1.2 trillion industry and the 29 million jobs created directly and indirectly by the mobile connectivity ecosystem. As companies like InterDigital …
By William Merritt
2 months ago 1

InterDigital’s Story: Fostering Industry Solutions and Profiting from its Growth

InterDigital CEO William Merritt writes: "It’s no secret that the regulatory environment is challenging for companies that license patents – in our case, patents that are deemed …
By William Merritt
5 years ago 11

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