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Merck Hepatitis C Virus Treatment Patents Unenforceable due to Unclean Hands

On Wednesday, April 25th, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued a precedential decision in Gilead Sciences v. Merck & Co. et. al., which affirmed a …
By Steve Brachmann
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Idenix Loses Patent on HCV Treatment that Supported $2.54 Billion Infringement Verdict

In invalidating the Idenix patent, the Delaware district court effectively overturns what had been the largest award for royalty damages in a U.S. patent infringement case …
By Steve Brachmann
3 months ago 4

Merck agrees to $625 million payment, royalties to Bristol-Myers Squibb for sales of Keytruda cancer treatment

On January 20th, NYC-based drugmaker Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY) and Kenilworth, NJ-based pharmaceutical firm Merck & Co. (NYSE:MRK) announced that the two companies had entered into …
By Steve Brachmann
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Merck subsidiary Idenix wins $2.54B in HCV treatment suit against Gilead in largest U.S. patent infringement verdict ever

On Thursday, December 15th, a subsidiary of Kenilworth, NJ-based pharmaceutical developer Merck & Co. (NYSE:MRK) was awarded $2.54 in royalty damages in a case involving one of the …
By Steve Brachmann
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A look at treatments for hepatitis C, America’s top infectious disease killer

The FDA has been pretty active this year in approving new tests and treatments designed to help identify and eliminate the hepatitis C virus in patients. Swiss …
By Steve Brachmann
2 years ago 1

Despite 4th quarter sales hit, Merck innovates in HCV, diabetes, cancer treatments

Merck earned 224 U.S. patents during 2015, a sizable dropoff from its 2014 results. The text cluster shows us that, unsurprisingly, a great deal of Merck’s 2015 innovations focused …
By Steve Brachmann
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Merck, Pfizer and Eli Lilly patenting to stay ahead of patent cliff

The early months of 2015 have been interesting ones for the pharmaceutical industry, an incredibly valuable industry sector that comes under our focus from time to time here …
By Steve Brachmann
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Merck seeks patents on cancer treatments, medications for Alzheimer’s

Merck & Co. (NYSE: MRK), which is headquartered in Whitehouse Station, NJ, and also does business under the name Merck Sharp & Dohme MSD, is one of …
By Steve Brachmann
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Top 10 Patents for 2014

Today, we’re picking the best inventions for which corporations from the Companies We Follow series have actually earned patent rights from the U.S. Patent and …
By Steve Brachmann
3 years ago 7

Merck Patents Drugs for Metabolic Disorders & Alzheimer’s

Our survey of the patents recently issued by the USPTO to Merck showed us a great deal of innovation in the field of metabolic disorders and conditions, …
By Steve Brachmann
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