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Do you have a job opening in the intellectual property field?  Are you looking for a patent attorney, patent agent, paralegal, litigation associate or a partner level lateral with a book of business?  Post your intellectual property related positions to an intellectual property,  target specific audience on our JobOrtunities™ Help Wanted Job Board. is read by more IP Professionals than any other website in the Intellectual Property industry. In fact,  Throughout 2016, our blog brought in an average of  231,592 unique visitors each and every month.  By posting your position in the IPWatchdog JobOrtunities™ Help Wanted Section, your job post will likely be seen by more IP professionals than any other job posting website.  Not to mention, the average length of time spent on by visitors is well over 3 minutes, so we are very “sticky.”  So there is no better central place than here to let the IP community know that you have a job opening.

The position will be posted as a blog post, which means it will initially appear on our homepage among the other most recent blog posts and it will be sent out to our e-mail list and shared on our social media profiles.

Posting on our JobOrtunities™ Help Wanted Job Board is only $199 per post for a 60 day duration to post to a target specific audience verses $395 per post on to a non specific audience.  The IPWatchdog JobOrtunities™ Help Wanted Section will give you many PR Benefits including:

  • IPWatchdog has the largest professional readership specifically targeted to the Intellectual Property industry.
  • Your job listing will be posted on IPWatchdog as a blog post and will go out in our email newsletter first thing the next morning to many prominent IP Professionals who want to receive this information from us. This increases the likelihood that they will share these posts with others who they know may be interested in a potential move.
  • We will promote your job listing to targeted IP Specific groups through a variety of Social Media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, and our own IPWatchdog Facebook page.
  • Because IPWatchdog is indexed very high on Google’s search engines, your job posting will be searchable by anyone looking for legal jobs in the IP industry.
  • Your job listing will likely spark interest in applicants who may not have otherwise been looking to make a move but who now have interest as a result of your post.
  • You firm will be recognized within the industry and by potential clients as one that is growing and expanding.

Per Job Post Rate:

  • 60 day duration = $199 USD

Submit Your Job: 

To begin your listing please click on GET STARTED button below. Our questionnaire will acquire all the information required for your job posting.

If you have questions, would like to discuss posting multiple job openings, or you are  a recruiter with frequent job openings to post please contact Renee Quinn via this form.

Law Firm Testimonials

“We recently listed a patent related analytical role on IPWatchdog and the posting produced many qualified applicants. We decided to hire one and use another as a contractor. Excellent recruiting opportunity for us!”


“Our firm recently used the helpful JobOrtunities tool on, and we were extremely pleased with the results of this tool.  The number of resumes that came in were very impressive, but what was more impressive was the relevancy of each resume.  This is likely because of the focused market that IPWatchdog reaches.  Each Applicant that we received a resume from had the relevant experience that we were looking for.  Many times, we find that posting advertisements for job opportunities in various publications can bring unwanted results, i.e., a flood of irrelevant resumes that require even more time to sift through.  Not at all the case with IPWatchdog.  Very impressed and will use this service again in the future.”

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