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Department of Commerce to Host Meeting & Seek Comments on “Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Digital Economy”

The meeting will be held on October 30, 2013, in Washington, D.C. The IPTF intends to hold the public meeting in the Amphitheatre of the Ronald Reagan Building …
By U.S.P.T.O.
3 years ago 0

Surprisingly Short Patent Claims in Published Applications

But there are no doubt some bizarre patent applications that have published over the years, such as a method of walking through walls like a ghost. See …
By Gene Quinn
3 years ago 3

A Summary of the Goodlatte Patent Bill Discussion Draft

EDITOR'S NOTE: What follows is a summary of the Goodlatte patent bill created by American Continental Group, which is a government affairs and strategic consulting firm in …
By Manus Cooney
3 years ago 9

Copyright Office Playing Government Shutdown Games

As of the writing of this article the USPTO website remains up and appears to be fully functional. So if the USPTO can keep its website full …
By Gene Quinn
3 years ago 16

Patent Business: Litigation, Deals & Licenses – September 2013

Universal Electronics sues Peel Technologies over remote control patents ----- GigOptix and MACOM settle patent infringement and trade secret/employment disputes ----- Nintendo prevails at ITC on …
By Gene Quinn
3 years ago 0

Pharma & Biotech News for September 2013

Mark Lemley's Firm Files DJ Against Myriad in Northern California ----- Promise Not to Infringe Insufficient in ANDA Litigation ----- Licensing Deals Stall in Pharmaceutical Sector in …
By Gene Quinn
3 years ago 0

FTC to Examine Patent Assertion Entity Impact on Innovation

With the FTC taking this step now I don't know how Congress can move forward with patent reform legislation that purports to address the so-called patent troll …
By Gene Quinn
3 years ago 35

Hacking through Patent Thickets

Many of you are privy to the problem of excessive patents. You have all seen the articles about yet another cellphone company infringing on yet another patent, …
By Dolly Krishnaswamy
3 years ago 0

A Better Mouse Trap: Patents and the Road to Riches

There are many different reasons why building a better mouse-trap is only the first of many steps on the road to financial freedom. First, there is no …
By Gene Quinn
3 years ago 5

Fashion Law and Business: Brands & Retailers

Fashion law has become as diverse, complex and global as the fashion industry itself. Fashion law can be analogized to entertainment, art or sports law, in that …

News & Notes for September 2013

Clouding IP Faces Inter Partes Review at the USPTO. ***** Goodlatte's Second "Discussion Draft" of Patent Reform Legislation. ***** IPO White Paper Calls for Update to Patent Examination System. ***** …
By Gene Quinn
3 years ago 0

Walker Digital Merger Complete, More Patent Lawsuits Coming

Prior to the merger, GlobalOptions Group provided risk mitigation and management services, including forensic DNA analysis, proprietary DNA collection products, and related research services to law enforcement …
By Gene Quinn
3 years ago 12

Everything You Need to Know About the Patent Bar Exam

In recent years the registration exam to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office has undergone significant change... There will be yet another update to …
By Gene Quinn
3 years ago 10

Federal Circuit Puzzles Over Claim Construction Deference

The en banc Federal Circuit on September 13, 2013, heard oral argument on whether to overrule its en banc decision in Cybor Corp. v. FAS Technologies, Inc., 138 F.3d 1448 (…
3 years ago 1

The Power of Policing Trademarks and Design Patents

It’s amazing how fast a successful product is counterfeited and how brazen the copying is. The figure above illustrates what counterfeiting looks like. Counterfeiters copy everything….…
By Mark Nowotarski
3 years ago 4