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A Better Mouse Trap: Patents and the Road to Riches

Inventors and entrepreneurs frequently take this mouse-trap quote all too literally, thinking that if they make a better product it will sell and make them rich beyond …
By Gene Quinn
3 years ago 10

2013 TM5 Annual Meeting Joint Statement

The Japan Patent Office (JPO), the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market(Trademarks and Designs) (OHIM), the State Administration for …
By U.S.P.T.O.
3 years ago 0

Apple Patent Applications Focus on Maps, Navigation Apps

Today’s featured patent application describes a system of collecting movement data from mobile devices so as to better compile real-time traffic data for mobile users. This …
By Steve Brachmann
3 years ago 1

The Small Practicing Entity Bears the Brunt of USPTO IPR Challenge Procedures

Nearly 44% of all patents on which petitions were filed against are patents being held by large entities. While this is a significant increase from the earliest days …
By Steve Moore
3 years ago 9

Federal Circuit Review – Issue 2 – 12-18-2013

In this issue of the Federal Circuit Review: (1) Court Reverses Nonobviousness Holding by District Court in Hatch-Waxman Case; (2) Statute Covers Costs for Faithful and Complete Duplication of …

Defending the Federal Circuit, Again, on Software Patents

The clearly erroneous Wall Street Journal article in question was published on December 15, 2013, under the title Jimmy Carter's Costly Patent Mistake. The article, written by Gordon Crovitz, …
By Gene Quinn
3 years ago 19

Patent Reform: Will Fee-Shifting Solve the Patent Troll Problem?

Will these regulations make it less likely that a patent troll might take on a frivolous lawsuit? Perhaps, but it may also result in a higher win …

Let the AIA Reforms Have an Opportunity to Prove They Work

A recurring theme that can be traced through the patent reforms of the AIA to the current debate over patent litigation abuse is the issue of patent …
By Q. Todd Dickinson
3 years ago 0

What New Patent Legislation Portends for the Small Entity Patent Filer

At this time of year we often see many prognostications of what the future holds. From the prospective of the small entity patentee we see big changes …
By Steve Moore
3 years ago 0

Sony Gaming Patents: Playstation, Virtual Gaming and More

Last Friday we took a look at some Microsoft Xbox patents. This week’s holiday version of IPWatchdog’s Companies We Follow series continues by taking a …
By Steve Brachmann
3 years ago 0

Ethics & OED: Practitioner Discipline at PTO – May & June 2013

Time and time again in reciprocal discipline proceedings we see the USPTO handing down identical discipline to what was handed out at the State level. This is …
By Gene Quinn
3 years ago 1

Help for the Supreme Court in CLS Bank

my iPhone can be a bell that you physically shake and it goes “ding” like a hotel desk bell; or it can be a carpenter’s level …
By John White
3 years ago 6

I Can’t Find Prior Art for My Invention

It is absolutely critical to understand that a reference, such as an issued patent or published patent application, does not need to be identical to an invention …
By Gene Quinn
3 years ago 12

Trademark Bill to Allow Marks Consisting of Flag or Coat of Arms

On December 12, 2013, Members of the House and Senate introduced bipartisan legislation that would allow the United States or any state or local government to register official insignia …
By Press Releases
3 years ago 0

Xbox Patents: Online Gaming via Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Network

Microsoft already has a massive patent portfolio, but it has continued to increase in recent weeks. We’ve pulled up a trio of patents related to online …