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PLI Patent Bar Review Course

Written by Gene Quinn
President & Founder of IPWatchdog, Inc.
Patent Attorney, Reg. No. 44,294
Zies, Widerman & Malek
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Posted: December 9, 2008 @ 8:09 pm
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The Nation’s #1 Patent Bar Review Course

All course materials are 100% Exam-Focused ? Discounts for Students
More Live Locations & More Home Study Formats Than ANY Other Course

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The philosophy behind PLI’s Patent Bar Review Course is, like so many of the best things in life, so obvious that it’s ingenious. They want you to pass the PTO Exam, so every element of the course is Exam-focused — from the structure, to the materials, to the lectures. The Course concentrates only on what you need to know to pass the Exam. You don’t need a distracting survey of patent law. What you need — and will find with PLI — is a combination of targeted resources that zero in quickly and confidently on the issues, problems, questions and strategies that will enable you to ace this major test. And you’ll find that same focus, and that quality and integrity, whether you take a live or home-study version of PLI’s Patent Bar Review.

Whether you order a live or homestudy course, you get the same great content:

  • A full set of the written materials,
  • All of the lectures in advance on audio CDs,
  • Our first-of-its-kind interactive software, PatWare, which will take you through hundreds and hundreds of questions in a format that simulates the actual Exam.
  • If you order a homestudy course, you will also get the same lectures as on the audio CDs, or as you would hear at a live course, on CD-ROMs or DVDs (your option). If you like, you can have the best of both worlds by ordering a live course AND the homestudy DVDs or CD-ROMS. You then only pay 50% of the usual course price for the homestudy disks.

To register for a live or homestudy course, call toll-free (888) 296-5973 or CLICK HERE.

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It is always easy to make up testimonials to make yourself look better, but when industry professionals are willing to let us use their name we must be doing something right.  Here is just a sampling of the numerous testimonials the PLI  Patent Bar Review Course has received over the last year alone.  For more testimonials see What People are Saying about PLI’s Patent Bar Courses and Testing Materials.

  • “This course is excellent. I have no work experience in writing applications, and yet I took the course and I just passed the exam, first time. I could not have done it without the class, that’s for sure.” — Karen Jachimowicz; homestudy course 2008″PLI’s Patent Bar Review was fantastic! I passed the Patent Bar on my first shot, and I couldn’t have done it without them.” — Arthur Weaver, University of Miami; homestudy course 2008
  • “As a former examiner and practicing attorney, I can say that this was a very good overview of the MPEP and great preparation for the Patent Bar.” — David Kim, Armstrong Teasdale LLP; New York course fall 2008
  • “Firstly, I would like to say thank you for your support and assistance in helping me to pass the patent bar. Your prompt replies included helpful and accurate information and provided the support that I needed to maintain momentum and to go into the exam with sufficient knowledge and preparation. You class surpassed my every expectation and I hope to recruit future students for PLI at any opportunity.” — Justen Fauth, Seattle University School of Law; Houston course 2008
  • John and Gene have a talent for making patent law interesting and entertaining. A rare gift, to say the least.” — Brendan Jones, Foley Hoag LLP; Boston course 2008
  • I am writing to thank you so much for helping me in preparation for the PTO exam! I am very happy to let you know that I passed the PTO exam on the 1st try! I couldn’t pass the exam without taking the PLI class. I was planning to study on my own, but I was so frustrated since I was an engineer with no training in law at all, and I felt great difficulty in preparing for the exam. The PLI class greatly helped me to understand the key points and guided me step by step to pass the exam. I would like to especially thank you for your quick and detailed responses to my questions! I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your help and I would highly recommend the PLI class to anyone I know.” — Yi Sun Wilkinson, Ph.D. in Engineering and instructor in Electrical Engineering at Northwestern Polytechnic University; homestudy course 2008

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About the Author

Eugene R. Quinn, Jr.
President & Founder of IPWatchdog, Inc.
US Patent Attorney (Reg. No. 44,294)

B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Rutgers University
J.D., Franklin Pierce Law Center
L.L.M. in Intellectual Property, Franklin Pierce Law Center

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Gene is a US Patent Attorney, law professor and the founder of He is also a principal lecturer in the top patent bar review course in the nation, which helps aspiring patent attorneys and patent agents prepare themselves to pass the patent bar exam. Gene’s particular specialty as a patent attorney is in the area of strategic patent consulting, patent application drafting and patent prosecution. As an electrical engineer by training his practice primarily focuses on software, computers and Internet innovations, as well as electrical and mechanical devices. Gene has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the LA Times, CNN Money and various other newspapers and magazines worldwide.