Patent Claim Drafting

Live, Online Distance Learning with Gene Quinn and John White

A patent claim defines the scope of the right to exclude granted by the government in a patent and, therefore, defines the patented invention. Patent claims are an essential part of every patent application, and mastery of the art of patent claim drafting is a necessity for patent practitioners. With this in mind, this course will focus exclusively on drafting patent claims that will be deemed acceptable by the USPTO.

We will place emphasis on drafting claims that are broad enough to provide meaningful protection for your client, while at the same time being a reasonable enough set of original claims that can be submitted at the time of filing a new patent application to provoke a thorough search and fair treatment from a patent examiner.

Gene Quinn

John White

Patent claim drafting can only realistically be taught through trial and error, which means there will be a series of assignments that students will need to do. There will be assignments both before the course begins, and during the duration of the course. Through trial and error students will become familiar with drafting patent claims in a variety of different technologies for inventions of varying complexity.

Individualized feedback will be provided to students on assignments.  Course materials will provide students with examples from a multitude of claims spanning a variety technologies, critiquing claims from issued patents, discussing choices made and identifying techniques and strategies.

Familiarity with U.S. patent law is required. This course is ideal for those patent practitioners with less than two years of experience, or law students entering a clerkship or internship between their second and third year of law school.

Scheduled Courses

This course is brought to you as a LIVE distance course model. They are NOT pre-recorded. Either John, Gene, or both will be live via our interface to conduct the class and answer questions during the Q&A period.  We will be offering the following full day (3 days in one week) and 1/2 day (days over 2 weeks) classes.

August 27, 29, 31, 2018 (3 – half days) 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM EST – CLICK HERE to Register

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