Do It Yourself Patents: Patent Filing Made Easy – Just $99

How to Patent Your Invention – Patent Filing Made Easy and Affordable

The Invent + Patent System™ is an innovative approach to the patent process that costs only $99 to use. Paypal even offers 6 months financing with no interest on orders of $99 or more when you pay with Bill Me Later®, a PayPal service.*

The System provides a cost-effective way to for inventors to efficiently, efficiently and on their own move from idea to filed patent application. Essentially, the Invent + Patent System™ is a self-help system that is capable of three separate, yet related, endeavors.

First – Invention Disclosure & Formulation

Those who have not yet reached the invention stage can use the system to collect their thoughts and begin to pull their ideas together. Do you want to know how to patent your invention? To file a patent application you do not need to have a working prototype, you just need to be able to explain the invention so others could make and use the invention. With this in mind, the Invent + Patent System™ can be effectively used to coax users into formulating their ideas in a more tangible way so that the concepts can move from pure idea into something descriptive enough to be legally viewed as an invention.

Second – Preparing a Provisional Patent Application

The Invent + Patent System™ can be used to create a provisional invention patent application that can be filed by the inventor at the United States Patent Office.** At the completion of the online questionnaire you will receive the answers together with a patent application template that includes instructions on where and how to insert the answers the system coached you into creating. You will also receive detailed filing instructions and the form that you will need to file a provisional patent application.

Third – Before Hiring a Patent Attorney

The Invent + Patent System™ can be used by those who want to take the first step toward filing a nonprovisional utility patent application with the United States Patent Office or filing an international patent application with the United States Patent Office. You can use the system to collect all the information necessary to turn over to a patent attorney who will then be in a much better position to actually begin drafting a nonprovisional patent application.

In this incarnation the system provides far greater efficiencies than simply working with a patent attorney following the traditional approach. This is because in the traditional situation an inventor contacts a patent attorney with an idea, or perhaps a sketch and a few paragraphs of text. The attorney then tries to interpret this information and put it into the format required to file a patent application. The procedure could involve many sessions – back and forth – between the inventor and attorney before a satisfactory first draft could be produced. That process was, and is, slow, expensive and frustrating. Ultimately, an application would be filed not because it has covered the invention to the fullest extent possible but because the inventor could not afford to pay the patent attorney to spend any additional time working on the application.

By using the Invent + Patent System™ you essentially pay the patent attorney for adding value rather than figuring out what your invention is in the first place. This leads to a far more complete patent application, which ultimately means better, stronger, broader patent rights are achieved. Our experience also shows that those who faithfully use the Invent + Patent System™ will provide so much detailed information that the cost of preparing and filing a nonprovisional patent application will be significantly reduced. As a general rule, the more you can do before you go to an attorney the more you will save. Using the Invent + Patent System™ will save you far more money than it costs to use.

From satisfied customers:

I purchased the Invent + Patent System this weekend and actually made it to the end, which I rarely do with things like that. I started Sunday late morning and had a patent application by 5pm, even with interruptions like walking the dog, playing with the energetic 6-year old and knocking out a few honey-dos. Granted, I still need to polish it a bit but the fact that your system directed me exactly where to place my answers on the application was unbelievably helpful. Great system!

Mark. W.
Dacula, GA

From a satisfied customer:

I recently purchased your Provisional Patent self-filing product and at first thought I may have been ripped off and behaved as such. I quickly saw I was very wrong and conveyed my sorrow for feeling that way. Your product was indeed every thing you claimed it to be and more. We are weeks down the road from that now and I must thank you again for the graceful way you handled my situation. It is rare in my experience to purchase a product in today’s environment that indeed lives up to it’s claims. You have surpassed your claims. When the time comes we would like for you to file the Non Provisional Application on our behalf. Thank you again for your $99 product but most of all thanks for your good ethics and character.

Sal L.
Burlington, North Carolina

Gene, I wanted to thank you for your automated Patent Application process for filing the provisional patent. I gotta say, it’s brilliant… although i was confused at a couple of points, as it came together it all made sense. I ran it by an attorney, who said it would have cost me over $3000 to get this done and he had no changes to offer… So, thanks again for this incredible process.

Joe G.
Westport, Connecticut

From a satisfied customer:

I recently used your Invent + Patent System. I just wanted to thank you for providing such a worth while product. It was an absolute pleasure to use, and I found it extremely helpful. I was writing my provisional patent application under a tight time line and it was invaluable having the examples, and embedded notes easily accessible. Just when I thought it could not get better I realized you also provide a formatted template for submission, again invaluable in a crunch time situation like mine. Had it not been for this system, I doubt I would have been able to finish my application in time. It is not all that often I find a product or service that exceeds my expectations and truly seems like it was designed without deliberately holding anything back. Nothing prompting me to pay more if I wanted to have access to some additional features if upgrade to “pro”. Thank you Gene, for a product that did nothing short of what it said it would do.

Imran M.
Ontario, Canada


The Invent + Patent System™ – $99

System Price: $99 – You receive access to the online system, forms necessary for filing a provisional patent applications with the US Patent Office, detailed filing instructions and a provisional patent template. A filing fee to be paid by the inventor (typically $130) will also be due at time of filing payable to the U.S. Patent Office. Upon purchase you will receive an automated e-mail with subject “ Receipt & Information,” which provides system access information.

Accessing the System After Payment

You should receive an automated e-mail with the subject “ Receipt & Information.” If you do not find this e-mail in your inbox please check your Spam folder. If for some reason you do not receive an e-mail with instructions for accessing the system please CLICK HERE and send us a message. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the System has been accessed no refunds will be provided for any reason. Any request for a refund must be received within 45 days of purchase.

More About the Invent & Patent System

The Invent + Patent System™ enables the inventor to drive the invention and patent process by staying engaged throughout the process. By answering a series of specific, legally derived questions, the inventor provides extremely detailed information. Rather than wasting time, money and energy creating an acceptable patent application the patent attorney can focus on spending time adding the most possible value and expanding the description of the invention to provide the maximum protection possible. Alternatively, inventors can use the system to create their own provisional patent applications, or can use the system to coach them through providing enough details about their ideas that a defined and documented invention begins to emerge.

The Invent + Patent System™ uses a unique mentored application writing process developed by Gene Quinn, a prominent US patent attorney and law professor. Gene has taught thousands of patent attorneys how to pass the rigorous US patent bar examination, and has taught hundreds of patent attorneys how to draft patent applications, write patent claims and prosecute patent applications at the United States Patent Office.  While teaching patent drafting courses he needed to devise a method for teaching law school students how to competently draft patent applications. As a result, he came up with a system that could easily teach law students and new attorneys how to draft applications. Based on this early success, the system was adapted for use with inventors. Early versions of the system have been in use since 2004, most prominently by, and have proved to be tremendously successful in both ensuring quality and reducing cost substantially. The latest version, Version 4.0, was released on November 6, 2008, and is only available through

The Invent + Patent System™ consists of 10 questions, and it is anticipated that for most inventions an inventor using the system for the first time will be able to thoughtfully and completely answer these 10 questions within about 60 minutes.  You will be guided through answering these questions with  detailed explanation regarding the type of information the question is intending to collect. Also provided are suggested answer templates you can choose depending upon the subject matter of your invention.  Each question also provides examples of suitable answers from a variety of technologies to give you an idea about the scope and depth of an appropriate answer.  All example answer are taken from issued patents, but because the quality of issued patents is not always what one would hope for, these example answers have been modified and enhanced in to better provide an illustrative response to the question presented.

The cost of using the Invent + Patent System™ is $99.  For this fee you will gain access to this tool that you will use to put together the information necessary for a provisional patent application.  You will also receive the forms necessary for filing with the United States Patent Office, detailed filing instructions, a provisional patent template and instructions on how to incorporate your answers into the patent template and expand your description to create the finished provisional patent application that the inventor can file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  If you are a small entity (i.e., an independent inventor or company with fewer than 500 people) the filing fees due to the US Patent Office will be $130. So the total cost to file a provisional patent application would be $229. You may also wish to obtain illustrations at an additional cost, or use your own illustrations, sketches or figures.

System Price: $99 – You receive access to the online system, forms necessary for filing a provisional patent applications with the US Patent Office, detailed filing instructions and a provisional patent template. A filing fee to be paid by the inventor (typically $130) will also be due at time of filing payable to the U.S. Patent Office. Upon purchase you will receive an automated e-mail with subject “ Receipt & Information,” which provides system access information.


* IPWatchdog plays no role in financing. Financing provided to qualified customers by Paypal. Subject to Paypal terms and conditions as modified from time to time.


** Please note that this is a self help system. The inventor is provided the resources and information necessary, but you are not purchasing an attorney service. The inventor is responsible for filing any patent application with the USPTO.