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Know Your Examiner: Practical Tips for Increasing Patent Allowance Rates

Practical Tips for Increasing Patent Allowance

The first commandment of patent prosecution should be to know your patent examiner. To do this patent practitioners need to take into account examiner time constraints and production goals, what examiners needs to see to allow an application, and must have an appreciation for what examiners are being instructed to do by supervisors. 

Interactions between patent examiners and patent practitioners are often tense, and frequently unhelpful. Having a better understanding of an examiner’s expectations and approaching patent prosecution with a cooperative mindset will pay dividends, particularly when a practitioner is willing to work to make an examiner’s job easier.

 Join Gene Quinn, patent attorney and publisher of, and Lauren Anderson, a patent attorney with Womble Carlyle, for a wide-ranging discussion on examiner statistics, pressures and expectations.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

1.  Deciphering examiner statistics for insights on tendencies.

2.  Understanding examiner time limitations and what practitioners can do to help streamline an application (i.e., 112 issues, translations).

3.  The importance of keeping original claim sets reasonable.

4.  The importance of interviewing without fishing expeditions.


Data is the starting point for a patent prosecution strategy, but is truly represented in those examiner statistics? Knowing your patent examiner must go beyond the facts and figures.

March 1st  12:00 PM EST, 9:00 AM PST, 6:00 PM  CEST

About the Speakers Founder and Webinar Moderator

Gene is a patent attorney and a leading commentator on patent law and innovation policy. He is the Founder and Editor of, which he started in 1999. has been recognized multiple times by the American Bar Association as a top 100 legal blog.  Gene is regarded as an expert on software patentability and U.S. patent procedure.

Gene Quinn 

Lauren Anderson

Associate, Womble Bond Dickinson

Lauren Anderson is an Associate attorney with Womble Bond Dickinson.  Her forward-thinking approach to patent prosecution is a refreshing strategy for clients who are seeking assistance in the tech industry. She is in-tune with current trends and advancements, which enables her to identify clients’ patent portfolio needs in an ever-changing market.


Gene Quinn

IPWatchdog Founder and Webinar Moderator

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