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Prof. Dr. Peter Meier-Beck


Peter Meier-Beck is a Judge at the Bundesgerichtshof, the German Federal Supreme Court.

He is a German national, born in 1955, who received his law education at the Universities of Bonn and Freiburg, taking law degrees in 1980 and 1984 and a doctorate in law from the University of Freiburg. He practised as an attorney-at-law in 1984. After stages as a judge at the Düsseldorf Landgericht (Regional Court) and Oberlandesgericht (Higher Regional Court) from 1985 to 1993 he assumed the position of the Presiding Judge of Düsseldorf Regional Court’s 4th Civil Chamber which acted as North-Rhine Westphalia Patent Litigation State Court. In 2000 he was appointed Federal Judge and member of the Bundesgerichtshof where, again, he deals with patent and competition (anti-trust) cases. While remaining a member of the competition law division he serves as the Presiding Judge of the 10th Civil Senate (Patent Division) since November 2010.

Dr Meier-Beck has been teaching intellectual property law and especially patent law for many years. Since February 2005 he holds an Honorary Professorship at the University of Düsseldorf.