Patent Practice Training for Beginners

Everything You Need to Start Practicing

Gene Quinn

Founder & CEO
IPWatchdog, Inc.

"Passing the exam was the first step, now it is time to learn how to practice.."

You’ve passed the patent bar exam. Now what? Having a license to practice is just the beginning. Now you need to learn how to interact with clients, draft written agreements, handle money, prepare applications and respond to patent examiners. Knowing the rules is one thing, knowing how to do it in real life is quite another thing all together.

Increasingly firms are not providing training, and many firms are not even hiring unless practitioners have experience. That means new practitioners are often left to their own devices as they seek experience in the first few years after passing the patent bar examination.

This is why we’ve designed this Patent Practitioner Training 101. This course will provide all the tools necessary to hit the ground running. We will address everything you may need to do up to and including filing a Notice of Appeal at the USPTO, including: obtaining clients, initial client intake, client agreements, handling money, opinion letters, patent searching, opinion letters, drafting patent applications, filing patent applications, responding to a restriction requirement, responding to a notice of omitted items, filing a general authorization, drafting and filing preliminary amendments, reporting office actions to a client, conducting examiner interviews, drafting and filing an amendments and responses, and options for keeping a case alive after a final rejection.

In addition to this course, each student will receive 6 months free access to The Invent + Patent System™, a online tool created by Gene Quinn to help draft provisional patent applications.

At the end of this, course students should have a strong grasp on the day to day basics of patent practice, and a catalogue of examples and templates to draw upon for a variety of the most common and likely occurrences that real life will throw at a patent practitioner.

This course is designed for those who have already passed the U.S. patent bar exam, and we will assume a level of knowledge commensurate with having passed the exam. While exceptions may be made in certain cases, familiarity with U.S. patent law and rules of practices is a prerequisite. This course is ideal for those patent practitioners with less than two years of experience, or law students entering a clerkship or internship between their second and third year of law school.

John White

Patent Teaching Co.

"Learn Patent Practice easily and efficiently."

Live Online Distance Training
With Gene Quinn and John White

January 23, 25, 28, 30, &

February 1, 4, 2019

7 PM EST to 10:30 PM EST


Brought to you by the leading patent publication on the Internet, Gene and John collectively have 50 years experience helping new patent practitioners.  Together, they have taught more than half of all patent practitioners how to pass the patent bar exam. Let them help you!

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