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IBM receives most U.S. patents for 23rd consecutive year

IBM once again has topped the list of annual U.S. patent recipients, receiving 7,355 patents in 2015. This is the 23rd consecutive year IBM has received more U.…
By Gene Quinn
10 months ago 2

Programmed computers are switching machines, and not directed to an abstract idea

A computer is a machine, yet there is an ongoing trend to “anthropomorphize” computers. That is: functions that are performed by humans are said to be able …
By Peter Lablans
10 months ago 11

IBM, Microsoft and Alphabet working towards the dawn of quantum computing

Unlike classical computing, which relies on bits that take on values of either 1 or 0 in order to process information, quantum computing relies on qubits. Qubits can take …
By Steve Brachmann
10 months ago 0

HP Inc. completes split, innovates in printing, file sharing and visualization tech

In 2014, HP placed 20th out of all companies filing patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, earning 1,631 patents, an increase of more than 10 percent …
By Steve Brachmann
11 months ago 0

Best Practices for Drafting Software Patent Applications post-Alice

Don't be afraid to make the technical disclosure long, dense and difficult to read, at least for those without technical training. In my opinion one of the …
By Gene Quinn
11 months ago 12

Are Patent Computer Systems Ready for U.S. Patent 10,000,000?

Over the next several weeks the USPTO will award U.S. Patent 9,200,000, which will occur just less than 8 months after U.S. Patent No. 9,000,000 was awarded. At …
By Gene Quinn
11 months ago 26

Software Patent Eligibility: Where is the Industry Heading?

''There should be no serious question that computer-implemented inventions such as software constitute patent-eligible subject matter under § 101,'' Paul Clement wrote in a brief filed on behalf …
By Gene Quinn
12 months ago 2

Nvidia makes interesting moves in low end GPUs for budget gaming

Perhaps the most interesting characteristic of the GeForce GTX 950 is its low price. Nvidia has typically stayed out of the low end budget GPU processing units, content …
By Steve Brachmann
1 year ago 0

Intel, Micron develop 3D XPoint as an eventual successor to NAND flash memory

A partnership between Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) and Micron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) has resulted in the development of a new non-volatile memory called 3D XPoint (pronounced “…
By Steve Brachmann
1 year ago 0

The Intel Compute Stick turns any monitor into a working computer

Intel recently introduced the world to the Compute Stick, a palm-sized device with an HDMI plug offering two gigabytes of memory, 32 gigabytes of storage space and runs …
By Steve Brachmann
1 year ago 0

50 years after Moore’s Law, powerful computer processing now cheaper than ever

The price index of personal computing has dropped by greater than 40 percent since 2007; during that time, the average consumer price index rose by about 10 percent. Computer software …
By Steve Brachmann
1 year ago 1

The History of Software Patents in the United States

Software patents have a long history in the United States. Computer implemented processes, or software, has been patented in the United States since 1968... Originally in Benson, the …
By Gene Quinn
2 years ago 8

IBM Inventors Join Hall of Fame for Pioneering Programmable Computing

As the Supreme Court contemplates the patent eligibility of computer systems, the National Inventors Hall of Fame will induct three IBM (NYSE: IBM) engineers for their invention …
By Gene Quinn
2 years ago 0

Why E-mail & Word Processing Were Not Computer-Implemented Inventions: A Response to Alice v CLS Bank Oral Arguments

Certain things are obvious. It was obvious in the oral arguments that it was a challenge for both the Supreme Court judges and the lawyers to distinguish …
By Martin Goetz
2 years ago 48

Fujitsu Seeks Patent on Method of Detecting Illegal Network Connections

This patent application was filed by Fujitsu with the USPTO in July 2013, and claims the benefit of priority of a prior Japanese Patent Application filed on Oct. 26, 2012. …
By Steve Brachmann
2 years ago 0