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Have We Gone Too Far to Eradicate Weak Patents?

Asking whether the industry has gone too far to eradicate weak patents misses the point entirely, and to some extent will allow those who want the patent …
By Gene Quinn
16 days ago 8

Patent reform fuels fear, paralyzes U.S. innovation market

One thing that all the changes in patent law over the last decade has accomplished is to make it a far better business decision to infringe. There …
By Gene Quinn
2 years ago 5

Patent Reform 2.0 – The Next Round of Patent Reform

On Monday, May 11, 2015, IPWatchdog will a co-sponsor a roundtable discussion on patent reform. This event will take place at the law offices of McDermott Will & Emery, which …
By Gene Quinn
2 years ago 3

Retroactive changes to patent eligibility law suggest patents are not a property right

Changing the rules of the game is fundamentally unfair, which would be obvious to everyone if we were talking about football, soccer or playing a board game. …
By Gene Quinn
2 years ago 28

Judge Michel says Alice Decision ‘will create total chaos’

Judge Michel: "[I]t’s bad news at least for the reason that it will create total chaos. No one will know what is eligible and what …
By Gene Quinn
3 years ago 6

Judge Michel: Patent Reform Bills Would Weaken Patent System

Judge Michel explained legislators are proposing bills because they are being heavily lobbied by a small (but powerful and well-funded) coalition of companies. He highlighted the common …
By Olivia Luk
3 years ago 12

IPO Honors Judge Michel and Dupont Inventors at Smithsonian

At these types of ceremonies everyone says such nice things, but what Judges Newman, Linn and Lourie said about Judge Michel seemed particularly heartfelt, and they seemed …
By Gene Quinn
7 years ago 2

Kappos: US Economic Security Depends on National IP Strategy

A packed room of at least 200 individuals, including the newly retired Chief Judge Paul Michel, former USPTO Director Q. Todd Dickinson, former USPTO Director Bruce Lehman and …
By Gene Quinn
7 years ago 3

CAFC Judge Plager Says Definiteness Requirement Needs Teeth

As I’ve said before, no one could rightly accuse me of being biased against patents. But, as I also pointed out in this article on Judge …
By Eric Guttag
7 years ago 1

Newman Says Obviousness is Matter of Foresight Not Hindsight

For most of us patent prosecutors, Judge Newman is our hero. She is one of us. On some occasions the patent planets even align and Judge Newman …
By Eric Guttag
7 years ago 8

CAFC: Bad Actor Makes Bad Inequitable Conduct Law

Intent to deceive was admitted, if you can believe that, but as it turns out the prior art withheld, a prior sale, was not invalidating and would …
By Gene Quinn
7 years ago 22

CAFC Grants En Banc Review of BPAI to District Court Appeal

On February 17, 2010, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued an order in Hyatt v. Kappos vacating the previous decision issued by a 3 judge …
By Gene Quinn
7 years ago 0

Entire Market Value Rule Lives As $357 Million Verdict Dies

The appeal in Lucent Technologies, Inc. v. Gateway, Inc. from the Southern District of California was considered in many quarters as the potentially seminal case on how …
By Eric Guttag
8 years ago 0

Interview With UCLA Law Professor Doug Lichtman

For years I have known for Doug Lichtman, at least in a virtual, Internet kind of way.  He was kind enough to share his thoughts and views …
By Gene Quinn
8 years ago 1