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Thomas Jefferson Symposium on Patent ADR & Litigation

Posted: Friday, Apr 3, 2009 @ 11:58 am | Written by Gene Quinn | 4 comments
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Randy Berholtz, Vice President & General Counsel, ACON Laboratories, Inc., and Adjunct Professor, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, opens the symposium.

I am writing from San Diego, California this morning.  I am sitting in an auditorium at Qualcomm, where the Thomas Jefferson School of Law is holding a symposium titled Improving Patent Adjudication Through ADR and Federal Court Reform.  This is a special event for me personally because not only am I a speaker, but I also inspired the research project started by the Alternative Patent Dispute Resolution Project (APDRP) at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, which lead to this symposium.  When I returned to Franklin Pierce Law Center in 1997 to obtain a Master of Laws (LL.M.) I had to engage in meaningful and unique research and prepare a thesis, which was then a degree requirement.  My thesis article Using Alternative Dispute Resolution to Resolve Patent Litigation: A Survey of Patent Litigators, included empirical research on patent application filings, patent litigation cases brought and a survey of patent litigators, to attempt to understand a litigators perception of the use of mediation and arbitration.  The students and faculty at Thomas Jefferson School of Law have worked to update this research and identify what, if any, changes have occurred.  I am anxious to hear the results of this research they have conducted.  I am on the last panel this afternoon, at about 4pm Pacific Time, and that is when the updated survey results will be presented, so look for me to write about that more next week.