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Videos as a Printed Publication in Inter Partes Review

In a handful of IPRs, the Petitioner has relied on a video, and asserted that the video constitutes a printed publication... One factor raised in these cases …
By Michael K. O’Neill
12 months ago 1

Printed Matter Doctrine Implicates Matter That Is Claimed for What it Communicates

The Court held that printed matter must be claimed for what it communicates, and it is only afforded patentable weight if the claimed informational content has a …

Voter Verified: Online Periodical Held to be Printed Publication

In the end, Voter Verified reached the correct result that the Benson article was a “printed publication” bar. But the “publicly accessible” doctrine relied upon by Judge …
By Eric Guttag
5 years ago 6

What is Prior Art?

The trouble with explaining what prior art is stems from the fact that everyone already thinks they know what it is. Conceptually we do not want to …
By Gene Quinn
7 years ago 0