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Trademarks, Branding & Business

Written by Gene Quinn
President & Founder of IPWatchdog, Inc.
Patent Attorney, Reg. No. 44,294
Posted: June 10, 2010 @ 1:51 pm

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Trademarks are a universal phenomenon.  Virtually all legal systems around the world recognize some form of identification of the source and quality of goods. Trademarks have been in existence for almost as long as trade itself, with identification symbols that today we would call trademarks dating 4000 years.  In free market economies, trademarks are legally recognized and protected as an inherent feature of the marketplace and of consumer protection.

From an economic point of view, a trademark is just a symbol that allows a purchaser to identify goods or services that have been acceptable in the past and reject goods or services that have failed to live up to the desired standards, which will vary from consumer to consumer.

What follows are articles from the Blog that relate to trademarks and particularly to brand building, business and advertising.