Top Patent Blogs Phase 1

By Gene Quinn
May 25, 2009

As promised I am moving forward with the Top Patent Blogs.  Originally the plan was for there to be 25, but I decided to make the list more inclusive so you will see that there are more than 25 blogs mentioned on each list.  I was also going to base Phase 1 on Technorati, but Technorati has refused to cooperate.  The plan was to use Technorati data from a few different days in order to try and smooth out any biases and wild swings in the data that many observe.  Over the past three weeks when attempting to visit Technorati I would constantly get a message about the Technorati Monster being loose, whatever that means.  It seems as if Technorati technology just cannot keep up with traffic, making the site of questionable reliability.  I gave it another chance on Memorial Day, and was able to find authority for many of the blogs for which I could find Alexa rankings, so I will combine these scores to come up with the quasi-objective component of the scoring, knowing that neither Technorati nor Alexa are perfect.  At least it is some information.

There are some blogs that are missing from the lists simply because I could not get an Alexa ranking for the blog due to the fact that the blog is hosted on LiveJournal or Typepad, for example.  It didn’t seem fair to attribute an Alexa ranking of 90 simply becasue there is no way to independently rank the thousands of blogs hosted on those sites.  Likewise, Technorati didn’t cooperate as much as I would have liked either, but I think it is safe to say that the major blogs have been captured on these lists.  The only exception may be Just a Patent Examiner, which I will still add to the voting despite not having a ranking.

Now we are about ready to move forward with Phase 2, which is the voting phase.  The plan is to start voting tomorrow, Wednesday, May 27, 2009, and leave voting open throughout the month of June 2009.  Then at some point in early July I will provide the list.  In doing this the hope is that this can provide discussion and a bit of fun, while at the same time trying to give all the wonderful patent blogs out there a little publicity and “link love.”

With no further ado, here are the Technorati Rankings and Alexa Rankings that make up Phase 1 of determining the top Patent Blogs.

Technorati Ranking on May 25, 2009, with “Technorati Authority” in parenthesis.

  1. IP Watch (192)
  2. Patently-O (133)
  3. IP Kat (93)
  4. IPWatchdog (77)
  5. Patent Baristas (64)
  6. Against Monopoly (57)
  7. 271 Patent Blog (53)
  8. Spicy IP (44)
  9. The Prior Art (43)
  10. BlawgIT (41)
  11. The Invent Blog (37)
  12. Patent Docs (36)
  13. IP Think Tank (35); Patent Arcade (35); Patent Prospector (35)
  14. Chicago IP Litigation (33)
  15. Promote the Progress (29)
  16. Orange Book Blog (27)
  17. I/P Updates (23)
  18. IP NewsFlash (22);  Securing Innovation (22)
  19. Anticipate This! (19); The IP Factor (19)
  20. IPJUR (17)
  21. Steve van Dulke’s Patent (14)
  22. File Wrapper (13); IP Spotlight (13)
  23. California Biotech Law (11)
  24. Washington State Patent Law (10)
  25. Patentably Defined (9); Holman’s Biotech IP (9)
  26. PHOSITA (7)
  27. European Patent Caselaw (6)
  28. Georgia Patent Law (4)
  29. Patents 101 (3); IP Estonia (3)
  30. Patent Assassins (2); India Patent (2)
  31. Russian Patents (1); Patentnapsis (1)

Alexa Ranking on May 8, 2009, with ranking in parenthesis.

  1. IPWatchdog (172,926)
  2. Promote the Progress (211,983)
  3. The Invent Blog (217,832)
  4. Patently-O (256,115)
  5. Spicy IP (335,036)
  6. IP Think Tank (376,838)
  7. Patent Baristas (430,383)
  8. IP NewsFlash (438,346)
  9. The Business of Patents (481,175)
  10. IP Watch (505,753)
  11. Intellectual Asset Management (616,271)
  12. IP Kat (747,227)
  13. Against Monopoly (749,007)
  14. Patent Prospector (756,605)
  15. Patent Docs (887,777)
  16. The Prior Art (960,862)
  17. BlawgIT (986,412)
  18. Orange Book Blog (1,194,556)
  19. 271 Patent Blog (1,195,705)
  20. Securing Innovation (1,228,953)
  21. Chicago IP Litigation (1,279,304)
  22. IP Estonia (1,412,215)
  23. IPJUR (1,585,145)
  24. I/P Updates (1,696,865)
  25. PHOSITA (1,791,944)
  26. Anticipate This! (1,866,130)
  27. Patent Arcade (2,310,598)
  28. Patents 101 (2,521,602)
  29. California Biotech Law (2,615,972)
  30. Inventive Step (2,663,405)
  31. The IP Factor (2,821,207)
  32. Honoring the Inventor (3,353,852)
  33. European Patent Caselaw (3,557,487)
  34. Patentably Defined (3,075,317)
  35. India Patent (4,295,613)
  36. IP Spotlight (4,766,481)
  37. Patent Assassins (4,964,800)
  38. File Wrapper (5,073,243)
  39. Patentability (5,538,509)
  40. Patent Circle (5,509,577)
  41. Washington State Patent Law (5,660,142)
  42. Patent Infringement Updates (6,207,889)
  43. Russian Patents (6,400,831)
  44. Holman’s Biotech IP (8,269,214)
  45. PatLit (10,087,314)
  46. OC Patent Lawyer (10,868,789)
  47. Georgia Patent Law (14,330,508)
  48. Patentnapsis (17,102,607)
  49. Nanomedicine & IP (20,179,493)

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