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Over the last couple months regular readers of have probably noticed some changes to the site.  One of the most prominent changes is the addition of Lambert Licensing as an advertiser.  Initially Lambert Licensing advertised on a few pages, and then they became a site-wide advertiser.  Increasingly, we are getting calls from inventors asking us about Lambert Licensing and more and more of our own clients ask about them and are referred to them.  It seems that savvy inventors know the innovation and patent industry is full of companies that are not reputable, so we get asked what our opinion is of Lambert Licensing and whether they are reputable, or whether they are just paying for placement.  I am happy to let everyone know that I do believe Lambert Licensing to be reputable and that in my opinion they adhere to the highest ethics in the industry.

As many know, I am a member of the Board of Directors of the United Inventors Association.  Being a part of the UIA has lead me to meet some good people in the innovation and patent community, including Trevor Lambert.  I first met Trevor in an official way when we were both in Charlotte, North Carolina, back in March 2009.  The United Inventors Association sponsored the creation of a 10 part mini-series covering all aspects of inventing, protecting innovations, taking innovations to market and making money from your invention.  The series turned out excellent, thanks to the work of UIA Executive Director Patrick Raymond, the studios and technicians provided by Everyday Edisons and the talents of Emmy Award winning reporter (and author of Gadget Nation) Steve Greenberg playing the role of moderator.  Trevor and I both participated, albeit in different episodes, and we chatted over the several days we were in Charlotte, getting to know each other a bit.

Several months ago, when I set out to find businesses I trust to advertise on, one of the first people I contacted was Trevor.  I reached out to him to gauge his interest and to learn more about his business and how Lambert Licensing approaches working with inventors.  Everything I have learned about Lambert Licensing makes me extremely comfortable, and in fact quite proud, to have them as an advertiser on

The way that Lambert Licensing operates is by providing licensing services to inventors.  Here is how their website describes their services:

Lambert Licensing, simply put, is the bridge between your invention and the manufacturers who want your invention. Through our team of specialists we provide the information, resources, and contacts necessary to get your invention in the hands of these important people.

The best part about it is that our service is virtually FREE! All that you pay is the initial evaluation fee. If we come to the conclusion that your invention is indeed a great one, the rest of the licensing process is on us. This includes the cost of all our hours spent developing your invention, the marketing material, travel, presentations, legal expenses…everything.

The only time that we get paid is when you receive royalties from a licensing agreement. From that point our share of licensing revenue is 25-30% and so the inventor’s share is 70-75%.

One of the reasons I am comfortable recommending people to Lambert Licensing is because they work on a contingency basis, which means they do not make money unless the inventor makes money.  That being the case, they are quite selective with respect to who they work with.  If they do not think they can help you they do not take you on as a client.  There are a variety of reasons why they might not take on a project.  For example, even if your invention is a good one if they do not believe it is up their alley (my words, not theirs) they will decline to work with the client.

The truth is that in the innovation and patent space reputable people tend to focus on certain things, and become specialized in those things.  So there will be some things that are right in their “wheelhouse” (again my characterization) and other things that might not be.  The same is true with patent attorneys and agents as well.  My particular speciality is software, Internet applications and computer systems and methods.  I also handle electrical and mechanical inventions, as do most patent attorneys and agents.  I do not, however, do any biotech, chemical or pharmaceutical work.  Biology and Chemistry and not in my comfort zone, and it would be unfair for me to take such work.  Who would want an electrical and computer engineer working on that stuff anyway, right?  So the same thing applies to others in the innovation and patent industry.

Another reason I think highly of Lambert Licensing is because they turn away a lot of inventors they just don’t think they can help.  I have even referred some of my own inventor clients to them, and they said they didn’t think they had strong enough familiarity with the segment to help the client.   Anyone in this industry can say YES to  you and your invention.  Few will say NO, and that is the major problem with invention promotion companies who never say NO.  If you find a professional in this industry who actually says they are not interested in working with you it is because they are reputable.  In the industry we say that invention promotion companies never see an invention that isn’t worth pursuing.  This is sadly true even when a legitimate patent search would demonstrate the invention is already patented, or when the potential market is so small that there would be little hope recouping funds invested into the project.  In my experience a tell-tale sign of a scam is a company that says YES to everyone, and Lambert Licensing is not like that.

Lambert Licensing also has a proven track record of success.  They have successfully placed inventions on the market and into such retail giants as Target, Wal-Mart, John Deere, Toys ‘R Us, Babies ‘R Us, Williams Sonoma and Crate & Barrel.

If you are interested in working with Lambert Licensing they will charge you a small evaluation fee, and then provide you with a thorough work-up and analysis of your invention.  See Invention Evaluation Process.  This fee covers the administrative expense to complete the research and write the evaluation and also ensures to Lambert Licensing that the inventor is serious about moving forward with their invention.  From time to time I have heard that some think this makes them a scam.  I am hear to definitively tell you that is not the case.  Those who do not charge anything up front are likely the scams, not those who charge a fee up front.  Of course, this is a general rule and I am sure there are people who charge no fees up front that are reputable, but in my experience if you want a quality service you need to pay for it. If you want a real and objective evaluation you should pay for it, and not rely on a “free” opinion.

Free opinions are valued at what you pay for them, and exceptionally likely to conclude that you should move forward. There is simply no way that a reputable service provider could provide a free work-up and analysis to everyone for free.  If you are honest with yourself, the evaluation you get from Lambert Licensing is worth more than what you pay.  It will explain to you where the strengths and weaknesses are, and give you valuable information.  I can tell you with certainty that such evaluations are extremely helpful.  As is the case with a patent search, if there is little reason to expect success why move forward and throw good money after bad?

In closing, Lambert Licensing is a member of the United Inventors Association and has undergone an extensive review to become a Certified Professional Member.  I know that to be the case because I am the Chair of the Professional Membership Committee.  They are one of the good guy companies in the industry, and you should feel comfortable contacting them for assistance.


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  • [Avatar for David Tioko]
    David Tioko
    June 18, 2013 10:20 pm

    Hey Guys, I recently submitted 4 prototypes for evaluation , with the N-D Agreement i received from L&L it was also stipulated that the process would take 3-5wks, that period is now into its 5th week so i am hoping they get back to me with great news at some stage soon, there have been a lot of highs & lows that go on in your head & people you know & trust ask – How is the Evaluation going- will you be a millionaire one day , I say nothing , I signed an NDA, in business Integrity is very important , so my expectations of the final outcome hinge on the evaluation process, invention is an interesting area that you involve yourself , once the idea process has been planned the next stage is prototype , its only the beginning & most dont realise your looking at a 5yr turnaround, my expectations are quite high but we shall have to wait & see what L&L decide, When Apple MacIntosh first came to Australia 25yrs ago , it was my hand picked crew who built there 1.5 mil stand , like Apple if you can think of the company off the top of your head its likely i built there stand for an Exhibition here in Australia , so i dont see myself as a fraud & i never saw L&L as one either , remember i did say INTEGRITY in business is crucial to a harmonious outcome – To your future success- Cheers David

  • [Avatar for Paul Leckey]
    Paul Leckey
    May 3, 2013 06:00 pm

    I used L&L a couple of years ago for my invention and the my submission went very well but just missed out in getting a agreement with them, they where very truthfull in there reasons and I could understand there thoughts. Being from Australia it can be hard to crack in this type of field so L&L was a great choice for me, currently I have another idea being evaluated so I hope to go one better. As for the original idea (ozdrillbuddy) it`s progressing well but just wish it was USA based.

  • [Avatar for HollyLuya]
    February 17, 2013 06:01 am

    In 2005, I had gone with Davidson in hopes of seeing my invention in every gas station, bar, shopping mall, and grocery stores. After our first chat on the telephone, they sent me a bunch of forms to fill out and drafting paper to sketch my invention. I had to send the required paper work back with $100. After talking to the same thief, everyday for about 2 weeks, I received a letter saying they would help me with my GREAT IDEA. I decided to send in the $900, they requested, for a portfolio of my invention. Still talking to the same thief, about a Month later, I received my HUGE portfolio BINDER. I was so disappointed when I opened it up. It was basically every form I filled out from the beginning, Typed out in such big lettering, to make sure it took up a majority of the binder. Also was included, my sketch. But it was redrawn In bright colors. Looked as if they traced my original. Also they had copies of all my originals in the binder, along with a lot of B.S. With the package, I was told that if I wanted to proceed and further, I needed to send $10k to research, and build my Invention, and then package and sell to buyers.
    It all sounded so good, but the portfolio made me think twice. It was just not what I expected. So I decided to call the same thief I have only been talking with, and then it all begun. I was speaking to other thief’s with in the company. My main (since beginning) thief had all of a sudden, did not want to answer any questions. After I had called for 3 days in a row and about 3 or 4 times each day, I finally got my main thief. He actually yelled at me and said, “ARE YOU GOING TO SEND THE 10K OR NOT?!” “I HAVE TO KNOW NOW BEFORE SOMEONE STEPS IN FRONT OF YOU!”

    WHAT! …. In shock and really P’d Off, I replied with very nasty words and hung up. I was done with them. I still have that binder too.

    After dealing with them, I had a hard time trusting anyone. So I just set on my idea, in hopes it could wait. I bought a home in May of 2006. My Realtor refereed me to Lambert & Lambert. I came home and did some long research on L& L, and I found a lot of great stuff. Very good reports. So I called them. From our first start of communication, I had trust in them. They were very nice and was being really upfront with me about how they thought I had a great Idea, but they were not sure if they could find a buyer on my invention. Told me they would send me some documents to fill out and send back with the $199 fee. He let me know that was the only way he could tell me for sure about where my Idea stands. I had so much faith in L&L and they made me feel comfortable. I never second guessed them, since our first conversation on the phone. I really felt they were my hope and my answers. And they were!

    L&L did everything I expected and more. A few weeks later I did get a report back, explained in detail, why they could not help me at that time and because they could not help, they gave me a few partners that the hoped could help me. Great Information, Great communication, and Great people at L&L.
    Because of my invention, They had to see a prototype. Rather It was built and functioning for the decision makers, or built as a 3-D, functioning on a PC . Sadly, I have not been able to carry on, but I think I am going to try again, and with L&L.. Heck! It has been since 2006. So why not?!. 🙂

    I highly recommend Lambert & Lambert to anyone wanting an honest opinion about your Idea. Good or bad. GREAT LUCK TO YOU ALL.

  • [Avatar for David Goodman]
    David Goodman
    January 13, 2013 06:04 pm

    I forgot to let you all know that don’t ever think about going to (InventHelp) they ripped me of for $18,000.00 and I’m still paying the loan of after 4years

  • [Avatar for Dolores Diaz]
    Dolores Diaz
    January 12, 2013 05:55 pm

    Well I submitted my invention to L&L back in Dec of 2012. They say it takes 5 to 6 weeks before you get results so I’m guessing that since it is now the middle of January I should hear from them by the end of February ( I’m hoping) So hopefully I can come back to this website with good news,
    I too have heard all good things about L&L and believe they are legit. (wish me luck) 🙂

  • [Avatar for David Goodman]
    David Goodman
    January 12, 2013 01:23 am

    I have been with Davison for a few months now they have been very good as far as communication goes as for the money side of it . It cost me $745.00 to start the proses of reviewing my invention but now another contract has just popped up for $9,980.00 for the prototype and I still have to find another $175.00 for the provisional patent I’m on a pension and just can’t afford that kind of money So after reading your report I will be going with L&L

  • [Avatar for Dolores]
    November 4, 2012 08:43 pm

    Well I have decided to go with L&L since I’ve heard all good things about them. I have already had a patent search on my idea and nothing was found ( it was reserched by another company of corse ) But ready and willing to work with L&L I have already downloaded their documents so I am now ready to fill them out and send them out. As soon as I get my results I will let everyone know . Wish me luck!!!

  • [Avatar for Toby E.]
    Toby E.
    August 27, 2012 11:54 am

    I am very intersted in using L&L. Does anyone know if they will pay for patents if they like and consider your product?

  • [Avatar for Mac]
    August 26, 2012 07:53 am

    I have gone through the patent process and decided to try submitting an idea instead. I submitted my idea to Lambert & Lambert because it is very reasonable to spend $200 for an honest evaluation of an idea. I submitted my idea on August 16th, 2012 and look forward to the evaluation. This is a tough industry but when you feel inventing is in your genetic code it is nice to know there are companies that are there to help you along the way.

  • [Avatar for Toney Gonzales]
    Toney Gonzales
    August 6, 2012 11:48 am

    I have submitted my invention to L&L about two weeks ago. I will update everyone with the evaluation of my product. Thank you for this post and I hope to return with good news!

  • [Avatar for Jim T]
    Jim T
    June 28, 2012 04:57 pm

    Does anyone that has submitted their idea/invention to Lambert & Lambert mind sharing the results whether or not they are positive or negative. I too am considering submitting my idea to Lambert & Lambert and would like to read about some others experiences first.

  • [Avatar for Chris H]
    Chris H
    June 7, 2012 11:31 am

    L&L have had my first idea for 2 weeks as of writing this, so I’m expecting results in 1-3 weeks and will let you all know how it goes. It’s not a life saving idea like some posters above me (or below me) say theirs are, but it will be used by a serious amount of people, easy to make and I’ve already paid a different company to provide a full patent search on it so I know it has no competition. Fingers crossed!

  • [Avatar for Jamila J]
    Jamila J
    October 31, 2011 04:29 am

    It really breaks my heart when I hear of people who were victimized by scammers. What makes the matter
    worse, is that most of those people are struggling hard to make it with their low income.
    My advice to any one who has been ripped off is: Send a letter to the company telling them that you are going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau if they don’t send you a refund.

  • [Avatar for steve p.]
    steve p.
    July 13, 2011 12:46 pm

    L&L sounds exactly like the company that I would like to do biz with. It would be real nice if one or more of L&L`s past sucessful clients (that has suceeded with and profitted from invention processed with L&L) would write in about there experience and tell about their invention (now protected) and experience working with L&L. Thanks, steve,denver

  • [Avatar for Andrew Amani]
    Andrew Amani
    April 23, 2011 02:22 am

    As much as I would like to work with Lambert & Lambert, I would like to find a company that operates in Los Angeles or Southern California. Do you or any have any suggestions regarding that matter?

    I, too started out with Davison but quickly canceled my relationship with them. After reading the above comments, I’m glad I did.

  • [Avatar for Ms. Lorraine]
    Ms. Lorraine
    March 13, 2011 07:52 pm

    Thank you so much!

    I have wasted several months working with the Davison Company. After several of months, the Davison company found a company that would review my invention, so I was told by Davison. I am really upset with myself that I have wasted so much time and the few hundreds of dollars that I had sacrificed (robbing Mr. Bill). I could be wealthy right now (Smile), for when it was all said, Davison wants all of their money up front. What really troubled me, was that, if the company chosen decided not to license my invention, then Davison would seek another company, which meant that more time is wasted. Upset, I searched the Web again seeking an invention company. I came across Lambert and Lambert. I kept wondering to myself why I did not see this company beforehand. I tried to do all the Web research I could about Lambert and Lambert before I submit my invention. So far, I found a company that seem to have integrity. One will always have a few people who are not satisfied. However, after much prayer, for I do not want to make the same mistake nor waste any more time, and reading your article, I have decided to move forward again with Lambert and Lambert.

    Again..Thank you. Ms. Lorraine

  • [Avatar for Marie]
    September 17, 2010 12:52 am

    This article was very helpful. My sister and I have our prototype, we have been researching this company and others. This article has moved Lambert and Lambert to the top of our list.

    Thanks again for the article.

  • [Avatar for Cayanan]
    September 16, 2010 11:44 am

    Thanks everyone for the insight about these companies. I’ve submitted a provisional patent application back in March and currently trying to have a prototype made, but the small business company still not able to complete it. I spoke with the owner of the company and he is just extremely busy and taking a while to get to my project. Im now looking into other ways to move forward with my project. I’m really interested in talking with Lambert&Lambert, however, their website is currently down… Does anyone know what is going on? Does anyone has a good contact informatino for Lambert&Lambert? Is the company still in business?

  • [Avatar for eve attewill]
    eve attewill
    September 15, 2010 06:44 pm

    I have also been dealing with DAVISONS and have just completed paying there fee to get my invention on the move But ever since i made my last payment to them i have heard NOTHING at all from them.I am a single mum of 4 and payed wkly as i could not afford to pay them a lump sum they were asking for but ever since i completed my payments iv heard not a thing so im looking to go to someone else and have found L&L to have good reports so may take my idea to them

  • [Avatar for Greg W. Shepherd]
    Greg W. Shepherd
    August 29, 2010 09:19 am

    I recently came across Lambert & Lambert. I’ve decided to give them a try. The above mentioned article has helped to ease my mind. Although I have not sent in the required funds,(work is slow), I will do so as soon
    as possible. I’m just writing this letter to let all know that of the 15 or so ideas I have, if L & L doesn’t drop the
    ball, accepts my idea, and we “all live happily ever after”, I will post the results here, so that all can know of
    their professionality, integrity, and truthfulness. If they do decide to go with my first idea, I will continue to send
    them my many other ideas, one at a time. I am positive my ideas will work. Most involve the saving of lives.
    Upon doing my own research, my first five ideas have now been marketed by others. I’ve had these ideas for years, and knew it was only a matter of time, before someone else would think of it. Although saddened that I
    could not get these ideas out first, it let me know,(which I already knew), that my ideas do work.
    Best wishes to all those who have struggled to get their ideas into the public.

  • [Avatar for Rachael Cabrales]
    Rachael Cabrales
    August 2, 2010 10:38 am

    I submitted an invention of mine to Lambert and Lambert not to long ago. So far everything about their company seems legite. I am happy I went to Lambert and lambert wih my invention. 🙂

  • [Avatar for Ms. DLangmayer]
    Ms. DLangmayer
    July 26, 2010 12:55 pm

    To d woolcombe:

    I, too, was victimized by Davison to the tune of over $10k. Seems the FTC won a tidy judgment against them some time ago, but I have yet to know where all the victims stand. I understand that Davison has undertaken the appeal process which can be lengthy and frustrating, at best. I’m now giving serious thought to working with L&L as everything, with the exception of a negative post by someone named Barbara, has been very positive. I can only hope that you have a good experience with L&L. Would be very interested in knowing how things are going with them. Good luck!

  • [Avatar for keri humphreys]
    keri humphreys
    April 24, 2010 04:36 am

    With regard to dealing with lambert and lambert .Although my idea did not quite reach the required level, I was very impressed with the rigourous research L & L did on my behalf.Not something I could have achieved for myself and money well spent. Suprisingly I am left feeling quietly pleased as my idea rated above average
    and of course, is any idea ever completely original?Usually tis the early bird who catches the worm.Would endorse this company without hesitation.

  • [Avatar for mr d woolcombe]
    mr d woolcombe
    March 24, 2010 04:27 pm

    thank you for your very usefull information, on lambert&lamberti have been dealing with davison with my invention, and payed part of there fee this, i have now stoped paying ,after all google reports on there scaming people, i am a pensioner with little money to spare ,they are a discrace to humanity and should be stoped. my invention is a life saving one, and will send it to lambert&lambert as they as you suggest are for real, i dont expect the money i have paid davison back