UNH Law Once Again in Top 10 IP Law Schools

While to many Franklin Pierce Law Center is not a household name, in the intellectual property world Franklin Pierce is indeed a powerhouse brand name that has achieved lofty distinction as a result of the great successes of its alumni. However, Franklin Pierce Law Center is no more.  The small, independent law school located in Concord, New Hampshire, has affiliated with the University of New Hampshire.  But as so many things in life change, it is nice to know that my alma mater has not lost its touch.  Indeed, the University of New Hampshire School of Law, formerly known as Franklin Pierce Law Center, has once again been named a top 10 school for the study of intellectual property law in the specialty rankings released today by U.S. News & World Report in the 2013 edition of America’s Best Graduate Schools. 

Many readers of IPWatchdog.com know that I hold two degrees from the former FPLC, both my Juris Doctor and my Master of Laws in intellectual property, and continue to have a special place in my heart for the institution and the people affiliated with the institution.  It is good to see that the UNH School of Law continues the tradition of Franklin Pierce Law Center.  UNH-FPLC has been ranked each and every year since U.S. News began their specialty law school rankings began in 1992.

“This recognition is yet another testament to the reputation that our faculty, students, and alumni have built over the years,” said John Broderick, Dean of UNH School of Law. “With the accolades that our IP faculty and students are earning for their achievements and innovations, our Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property continues to cement its place as a global leader in IP.”

“I am glad our peers continue to recognize us as one of the leading pioneers in the field,” said Mary Wong, director of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property. “We will continue to be a global leader, with innovative programs in IP teaching, research, and policy.”

On Friday, September 30, 2011, the University of New Hampshire School of Law unveiled its new Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property, which is a new 12,000+ square-foot building located in Concord, New Hampshire. I was in attendance for the festivities, which included speeches, a dinner, a lifetime achievement award for Judge Pauline Newman and a Conference. For more on this see UNH Law Honors Newman, Gajarsa.

The Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property will provide opportunities for students and faculty to work with partners in governments, industries, and academia.  The IP Center’s mission is being advanced with significant national and international conferences and symposia, as well as through the creation of new strategic alliances with leading organizations throughout the world.

Congratulations to everyone at UNH Law!  Keep up the good work!


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    Mark Fearer
    April 2, 2012 08:07 am

    Thanks for sharing, Gene. Interesting article. Having moved to the DC area from Manchester, New Hampshire, I always like to hear about New England. Mark