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By U.S.P.T.O.
August 27, 2012

Applicant to Office Interface: Text2PTO

As you may have heard, the USPTO is in the process of modernizing electronic patent application filing to allow applicants to submit their electronic patent applications in a text format. Prior to submission, the applicant can use a validation wizard to assure that any formatting, such as edits tracked from the original document due to revisions, and private information are not part of the file, and that application parts can be recognized. The applicant can run an optional analytics report to ensure the abstract length is correct, generate an automated claims tree, and identify any errors in claims numbering.

Based on information submitted in the Application Data Sheet (ADS), the USPTO will be able to generate maps that show relationships between patent applications, or patent family maps. Applicants will receive many benefits from this with minimal changes to their existing work practices. But, we need your help to define and de-sign these proposed processes and enhancements to make sure they are user-friendly and work with you- in your environment.

We want to hear from you. Hearing from our online filers will assist us in gathering requirements, creating functional designs, and evaluating product releases. We will hold focus sessions to discuss the proposed process changes. We want to hear your thoughts on how the patent application process can work for you, identify any concerns, and work towards resolutions to create a user-friendly text-based filing system. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. To participate in these focus sessions or for additional information please send an email to efilingmodernization@USPTO.GOV.


Fee Processing Next Generation

The USPTO is replacing its current fee collection system to (1) expand self-service capabilities and (2) further integrate financial information with the patent and trademark businesses. Our fee collection system replacement effort is in the beginning stages, and while we are looking to other successful eCommerce sites (e.g., for best practices, we understand that USPTOcustomers may have unique needs.

In the next few months, we will conduct a number of outreach efforts, including focus sessions, to solicit user input. If you would like to provide your feedback by participating in a focus session, please send your preferred contact information to Along with your response, please also indicate your status as a(n): (1) individual pro se inventor or applicant; (2) in-house counsel; (3) law firm attorney practitioner; or (4) legal assistant or administrator, as well as the approximate number of patent and/or trademark applications that you file per year.

Please send any questions or feedback to


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