Five Patents to Get You in the Mood for Spring Cleaning

By Adrienne Kendrick
March 20, 2013

I wonder what it is about the dawning of Spring that gets people in the mood to clean house.  Is it the smell of the blooming flowers that gets a person to finally throw out that old broken chair that’s been sitting in the corner of the garage forever because it’s missing one leg?  Or maybe it’s a rainy Saturday that gets people’s cleaning juices flowing.

Whatever the motivation is, one thing is for sure–having the proper tools to make one’s cleaning efforts worthwhile is essential.  Perhaps these four patents and one patent application will do the trick. 

1. Cleaning Device and System

In order to clean, it is imperative that you have an effective cleaning tool that will get the job done, and inventor Johann Zita believes that a bendable cleaning device and system is just the ticket to get rid of all that dust that seems to pile up on top of our kitchen cabinets and bookcases.  Sure, there are all kinds of dusters currently on the market that will do a decent job of getting the dust off of those fragile pieces of crystal that you’ve been keeping on display on a shelf in the living room.  But what about the top of the refrigerator (which everyone seems to forget about) or the top of the curio that everyone walks by and barely touches?  Those items require something a bit stiffer and more adjustable than your typical feather duster.  That’s where Zita’s cleaning device and system comes in.  The invention is a duster that comes with a handle and a bendable duster portion that will make reaching those hard-to-reach spots more manageable.  The user can shape the duster portion of the unit to whatever angle they so desire, and when the cleaning is done, the duster can be put back into its original position with ease.  So say bye-bye to those dust bunnies that have been living on top of your refrigerator!

2. Attachment for a Vacuum Cleaning Appliance
United States Patent 8375511

If your vacuum cleaner is doing a decent job on the carpet, but you wish there was something that could help you suck up Fido’s shedding hair and get that under control as well, let the folks from Dyson help–James Dyson, Giles Ashbee, Simon Edward Ireland and Emma Jane Heatley-Adams have the solution.  Their vacuum attachment, which is considered to be a grooming device, finally solves the problem for pet owners by offering a grooming head that not only has bristles, but those bristles retract.  How great is that?  Now you can not only keep Fido’s coat looking fresh and pretty, but when it comes times to clean the bristles, it’s as easy as pushing a lever to make the bristles retract and voila–hair falls off without getting tangled in anything and without you having to touch it.  No more having to touch that hair and dander…isn’t that nice?


3. Tool for a Surface Treating Appliance
United States Patent 8375512

Concerned about those creepy crawlers that might be lurking underneath your bed?  Well, you might want to give inventor Giles Ashbee’s surface treating appliance tool a try.  This would be a perfect accompaniment to a Dyson vacuum, and its pivoting abilities makes reaching those curvy area a breeze.  Comprised of multiple suction channels, this floor tool will suck up all sorts of dust and debris typically found on hard floors or any other floor types, but it can also be used to suck out all the stuff we don’t like to think about from our mattresses.  Yes, the thought is frightening, but someone has to do it.

4. Mop Bucket
United States Patent 8393047

If mopping is on your to-do list, let inventors Jesse Andrew Matola and Alfred Reneau Van Landingham, Jr. for Rubbermaid come to your rescue with their handy mop bucket.  If you’re tired of having to go back and forth to empty out the dirty water from your current bucket, this invention has solved that problem by having a rotatable bucket that has two separate compartments, one of which holds your cleaning solution and the other that catches the dirty water.  Having the separate chambers certainly makes life a lot easier for those responsible for keeping those hard floor surfaces sparkling clean, that’s for sure.

5. Robot for Cleaning Wall/Window
United States Patent 8127390

Is there anyone out there who actually enjoys cleaning the windows?  Well, for those of us who don’t, inventor Yong Wook Kim has come up with the perfect solution–a robot that does windows!  This invention works to clean your walls and windows by moving across the area and spreading the cleaning solution/water across the surface, all without leaving rings or spots and without dripping water to surfaces below.  The robot utilizes a turntable system that allows it to rotate 360 degrees without a problem.  Now, that’s how I like to clean–let somebody or something else do all the work!

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