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April 6, 2018

Richardson Oliver Insights Launches Patent Market Data and Analytics Solution

Richardson Oliver Insights launches a suite of data and analytics solutions providing patent buyers, sellers, and executives access to patent market data covering over 120,000 patent assets and nearly 5,000 deals. The data spans hundreds of technologies and market sectors including smartphones, wireless communications, cloud computing, social networking, OLED displays, and semiconductors.

“Patent strategists need more and better information on what patents are available, at what price, and other comparables. Richardson Oliver Insights represents the next critical step in providing patent market information directly to patent holders and patent buyers, like Zillow did for the real estate market,” said Suzanne Harrison, author of Edison in the Boardroom.

“Patent strategists view buying and selling patents as a tool for risk management, but they lack the necessary information to make decisions easily. Our mission is to enable patent transactions and accelerate the patent market by providing reliable, comprehensive data-driven solutions to patent buyers, sellers and decision makers,” said Kent Richardson, CEO of Richardson Oliver Insights. “To grow the market from the current $250M annually to billions requires greater access to information and more transparency and we provide both.”

Working with the community, Richardson Oliver Insights sources and organizes available patent deals from hundreds of patent sellers and brokers worldwide. For buyers, Richardson Oliver Insights’ proprietary database includes patents available for purchase today, pricing, evidence of use, and technology sector comparables information. For sellers, Richardson Oliver Insights provides information on past buyers, market pricing, advice on best practices, and which brokers might fit the sellers’ needs. Patent strategists use patent market analytics to evaluate broader industry trends, evaluate risk, and identify opportunities.

Founders Kent Richardson and Erik Oliver, Chief Operating Officer, have helped customers navigate the patent market completing more than $90M in patent transactions. They are industry recognized thought leaders on intellectual property and the patent market, having authored over 80 publications and presentations including their popular annual report (available for download at roipatents.com). For the past eight years, IAM Magazine has selected them to be included in the top 300 IP strategists in the world (please see IAM’s complete list at iam-media.com/strategy300).

At LOT Bridge 2018, Kent Richardson will be speaking on patents in China: who’s buying, selling, asserting, and PAE litigation. Come hear the latest developments on May 10, 2018, at the Hilton San Francisco Bayfront from 2:30-3:30.

About Richardson Oliver Insights

Richardson Oliver Insights is the leading provider of secondary patent market data. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley and lead by industry veterans and thought leaders, Richardson Oliver Insights has both the comprehensive patent market data and the analytical experience to help patent buyers find the right patents at the right price, help patent sellers optimize their sales offerings, and help patent strategists obtain the information to make data driven decisions. For more information, visit roipatents.com.

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