Unified Patents is Seeking Full-time Senior Legal Counsel

Unified Patents is again growing its legal department and seeks to add another experienced, registered patent attorney to the team to prosecute and litigate matters in-house. This is a Full-time, permanent positions with competitive pay, flexible hours and the opportunity to work remotely.

The Ideal Applicant:

Ideal applicants should be historically underrepresented in the patent field, and should generally have at least five years of firm or other relevant experience practicing before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) working on post-grant petitions (IPR, PGR, and CBM), reexaminations, or other administrative drafting and litigation experience. Deposition and oral hearing experience are preferred.

Applicants should have a strong technical background and be willing to explore diverse new technologies; experience with video codecs, coding, cryptography, compression, signals, wireless communications, or other algorithmic subject matter is a plus. Patent examination experience is a plus; a registration number is a plus; clerking experience is a plus; familiarity with ongoing appellate issues affecting PTAB practice is a plus.


  • Experience with MS Excel, Google Sheets

  • JD graduate

    • Highly preferred to have completed at least one intellectual property course

  • Undergraduate degree in a field of science or engineering highly preferred

  • Experience with prior art searching and analysis preferred

Interested Candidates:

Interested candidates are asked to Apply Online.

About Unified Patents:

Unified Patents is a 200+ international membership organization that seeks to improve patent quality and deter unsubstantiated or invalid patent assertions in defined technology sectors (Zones) through its activities. Its actions are focused broadly in Zones with substantial assertions by Standards Essential Patents (SEP) holders and/or Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs). These actions may include analytics, prior art, invalidity contests, patentability analysis, administrative patent review (PTAB), amicus briefs, economic surveys, and essentiality studies. Unified works independently of its members to achieve its deterrence goals.

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