Merry Christmas from IPWatchdog

Gene as Santa

IPWatchdog founder, Gene Quinn, as Santa Claus, circa 2016.

First and foremost we want to thank everyone for spending a part of your day with us and reading We appreciate your reading, support, comments, e-mails, webinar participation and joining us at IPWatchdog LIVE. Thank you!

Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, I encourage everyone to take a look at The Most Iconic (and Patented) Toys and Games of All Time.  This was one of my favorite articles to write, and we have updated it periodically through the years. In this version we profile some of the most popular toys and games of all time, as well as the patents behind them. The journey includes (in no particular order) iconic toys such as the Video Game Console, Barbie doll, Monopoly, Rubik’s Cube, Battleship, Super Soaker, Hoola Hoop, Slinky, Play-Doh, Easy Bake Oven, Game-Boy Frisbee, YoYo, Lego blocks, , Transformers, Tricycles, Bicycles, Scooters, Tonka trucks, Rocking Horse, Twister, Simon, Magic 8 Ball, Erector Set, Etch A Sketch, Bunch-o-Balloons and Mr. Potato Head. This year’s additions appear at the top of the list: Silly Putty, the Nerf Blaster, and  Operation.

I also invite you to take a look at some of our other Christmas related patent articles of the past. Enjoy!

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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  • [Avatar for Anon]
    December 25, 2021 01:37 pm

    Mr Cole – I share the COVID tidings and wish you well (this season our extended family will not be gathering with hits spanning six different family units — ALL breakthrough cases.

    Good news across the board is that all cases have been on the mild side, and it appears that the variants while more transmissible are also far less damaging.

  • [Avatar for Paul Cole]
    Paul Cole
    December 25, 2021 08:42 am

    @ Anon 4

    I especially appreciate your close interest in the blogs and your numerous and often very informative comments. You are therefore especially worthy of extra holiday greetings which I was glad to give.

    So once again Merry Christmas and a happy and Covid-free new year to you and to all associated with IPWatchdog.

    Just for information my son has just tested positive for Covid, so he, his wife and my two grandchildren will not be visiting today.

  • [Avatar for MaxDrei]
    December 25, 2021 04:30 am

    If not too late, also from Germany, Merry Christmas everybody, not least the Weihnachtsman himself and all his team.

  • [Avatar for Greg DeLassus]
    Greg DeLassus
    December 24, 2021 06:11 pm

    Merry Christmas, all.

  • [Avatar for Anon]
    December 24, 2021 02:28 pm

    Also Christmas greetings to Anon (1) above.

    Thanks Paul.

    Seeing as I personally have tasked you to dig deeper into your own positions, let’s see if we can narrow down the possible meanings of your particular (and additional) greetings.

    As you open with a general greeting to all contributors and commentators, one might be tempted to conclude that you do not include me in that pool of contributors and commentators.

    Given the opening factual observation though (that I have forced you to reconsider your own views), that conclusion cannot hold.

    One alternative is that you have found my (perhaps even sometimes bordering on antagonistic) contributions and comments to be especially worthy of extra holiday greetings.

    In that vein, I wish you a special holiday season as well.

  • [Avatar for John Rogitz]
    John Rogitz
    December 24, 2021 11:24 am

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  • [Avatar for Paul Cole]
    Paul Cole
    December 24, 2021 06:56 am

    A very merry Christmas and happy new year to Gene, Renee, all members of the team and all contributors and commentators.

    The Father Christmas outfit was fantastic. The tree looked excellent and the small creatures on display were admirable.

    Also Christmas greetings to Anon (1) above.

  • [Avatar for John Paul Archuleta]
    John Paul Archuleta
    December 24, 2021 05:41 am

    Merry Christmas and happy new year, I thank you and Renee for all your hard work to keep us informed. Thanks again.

  • [Avatar for Paul Cole]
    Paul Cole
    December 24, 2021 03:43 am

    This is simply to thank Gene and all contributors to IPWatchdog, and to wish all contributors and readers a Happy Christmas and a prosperous virus-free new year.

    I much like the Father Christmas costume, the beautifully decorated Christmas tree and the creatures in the background.

    And Christmas wishes to Anon and his/her family also with thanks for many interesting comments.

  • [Avatar for Anon]
    December 23, 2021 03:40 pm

    Thank you Gene and all those at IPWatchdog who labor to keep us informed.

    I enjoyed the trip back in time with the Most Iconic link — and had the exact same immediate thought on utility and the differences between what our Sovereign has designated as such and those that would clamor for some Euro version of “technical.”

    We would be that much poorer off were we to move towards the Euro view. And that much more Grinchier.