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Gene Quinn is a patent attorney and a leading commentator on patent law and innovation policy.  Gene is the creator of the Invent + Patent System™, and Founder and Editor of, which he started in 1999.

Gene’s particular specialty as a patent attorney is in the area of strategic patent consulting, patent application drafting and patent prosecution. He primarily works with inventors, entrepreneurs and start-up businesses throughout the United States and around the world. As an electrical engineer with a computer engineering focus he frequently finds himself assisting entrepreneurs and small businesses with software, computer implemented methods, business methods and Internet innovations. Gene has consulted with thousands of inventors over the years with respect to a wide array of innovations.

Gene is admitted to practice law in New Hampshire, is a Registered Patent Attorney licensed to practice before the United States Patent Office and is also admitted to practice before the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Renee C. Quinn is Director of Marketing, Communication and Public Relations for IPWatchdog, Inc. She has worked with IPWatchdog since April 2006, performing a variety of roles. She is in charge of the day to day management of all business and back-office aspects of IPWatchdog, she handles all marketing and advertising inquires and is the first point of contact for IPWatchdog. She also occasionally writes for, particularly business related articles for inventors and entrepreneurs.

Renee has a B.S. from the Pennsylvania State University, and also has a Masters of Business Administration. Renee’s MBA course work focused on e-Commerce and e-Business, with an emphasis on marketing via the World Wide Web.

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