Privacy Policy

This statement explains how information learned about you from your visit to is handled. The information received depends on what you do when you visit The existence of this privacy policy is not intended to and does not create any claim against IPWatchdog, Inc. by any visitors to the site and is merely presented so that you can better understand how we handle information given to us.

  1. If you visit to browse, or to read or download information the hosting company will collect and store various information, but to the best of our knowledge and understanding none of the information collected is personally identifying information. We use OpenTracker as our primary third-party vendor. The information that is collected by OpenTracker, and to which will have access, includes: (1) the country, city and state where you are located; (2) the name of your Internet Service Provider; (3) the area code and zip code associated with your location; (4) the referrer (website that brought you to; (5) your number of visits; (6) number of pages viewed; (7) duration on the site; (8) the browser software you use and your operating system; and (9) IP address. This information is collected by our hosting company and is used to measure the number of visitors, where and how visitors find out about, and daily traffic, and where our traffic is coming from. This information is considered to be general and nature and not confidential. We are not able to identify anyone by name or street address. We also use the tracking services of Quantcast and Google Analytics. For more information on the information collected by these third party tracking systems please visit their websites.
  2. IPWatchdog presents a free webinar series, which is sponsored by various advertisers. The list of registrants (together with provided contact information) is shared with speakers and sponsors.
  3. If you choose to send an email, submit an online form, or submit a comment on one of our articles you have the freedom to select what, if any, personally identifiable information is sent to IPWatchdog. If direct messages are sent via e-mail or contact form they are forwarded to the appropriate persons to respond, at their discretion, to the questions or comments or to provide information or requested.
  4. We do collect personal information for certain services, product offerings and training courses provided by IPWatchdog, Inc. We do so through our secure online payment processing systems, which are operated by PayPal or Stripe. We use the information we have access to in order to complete transactions the user has authorized, and to communicate with the transacting user regarding the transaction. We do not have access to user credit card information or bank information, which is solely maintained by our payment processing service providers PayPal and Stripe.
  5. If you subscribe to the IPWatchdog e-mail subscription service your e-mail address and other information, which was voluntarily provided, will be saved and used to provide periodic e-mails. E-mails are typically sent each morning with a list of articles published from the previous day. Occasional e-mail alerts regarding important and breaking news is also sent, as well as other periodic announcements and information about our upcoming free webinars. We use a third-party service to manage our subscription list, as is common in the industry.
  6. Please be aware that there are many links on to sites that are owned, operated and maintained by others. does not have any control over these other sites. When visiting a new site you should refer to any applicable terms and conditions, legal disclaimers and/or any privacy policy that governs that particular site. We make no representations regarding the policies and practices of sites that you link to from Links are merely provided to facilitate the acquisition of hopefully useful information.
  7. At some places on, the use of a “cookie” may be offered. Most browsers now recognize when a “cookie” is offered, and permit the user to opt out of receiving it. If you are not sure whether your browser has this capability, you should check with the software manufacturer or your Internet service provider.
  8. IPWatchdog sometimes serves advertisements from Google through the Google Adsense program.  When users visit an AdSense publisher’s website and either view or click on an ad, a cookie may placed on that end user’s browser. The data gathered from these cookies will be used to help AdSense publishers better serve and manage the ads on their site(s) and across the web. For more information please see Google ad and content network privacy policy.
  9. If you respond to a survey question, to the best of our knowledge and understanding the companies used to periodically conduct survey questions do not collect any personally identifiable information about any visitors. Notwithstanding, surveys are routinely set up so that the surveys will count only the first response entered from a particular computer. This will prevent one or more individuals from skewing the data set by voting multiple times. In order to accomplish this a cookie is placed on the users computer that will identify that a particular computer has already responded to a particular survey question.
  10. IPWatchdog provides direct links to books sold through other parties, for example or the Practising Law Institute (PLI).  If the user wishes to purchase a book or product sold through a third party the relationship will be solely between that third party and the purchaser.

This privacy policy is subject to change at the discretion of IPWatchdog, Inc. If you have questions please contact us.

Last Updated: June 27, 2018.