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Client testimonials:

The invention application document looks absolutely great. The IPWatchdog team did an awesome job of helping to completely capture the spirit and scope of my invention. Your talents and professionalism have been evident throughout the entire process. From the initial online questionnaire, to the phone consultations, all the way through to the final patent declaration document the IPWatchdog team provided 5 star service.

Many, many thanks for sharing your talents,

Herb Williams, Inventor
August 27, 2010

I recently purchased your Provisional Patent self-filing product and at first thought I may have been ripped off and behaved as such. I quickly saw I was very wrong and conveyed my sorrow for feeling that way. Your product was indeed every thing you claimed it to be and more. We are weeks down the road from that now and I must thank you again for the graceful way you handled my situation. It is rare in my experience to purchase a product in today’s environment that indeed lives up to it’s claims. You have surpassed your claims. When the time comes we would like for you to file the Non Provisional Application on our behalf. Thank you again for your $99 product but most of all thanks for your good ethics and character.

Sal Lipuma
Burlington, North Carolina
March 12, 2010

Gene and Renee,

Kevin and I would like to thank IP Watchdog for your incredible service and professionalism.

Kevin and I entered into a new field of endeavor of ideas which required the application of obtaining a patent, something we had no knowledge of.

By researching the Internet for a patent attorney it became apparent that there seemed to be a variety of services related to this field and choosing the right service was necessary if we were going to succeed. By looking into the complaints levied against some of these companies and services we narrowed our choice to IP Watchdog, since it seemed to have a great reputation.

We have put a lot of thought and brainstorming into an idea for a patent and we needed an company that would have the expertise to walk us through the process and that would explain in detail what it would take to achieve our goal.

It would take an detailed explanation of our patent and drawings to begin a patent search and to see if the idea could be patented.

From the very start, phone calls, e-mails and correspondence were replied to by IP Watchdog with request for more details and more information we needed to know.
Within a short period of time, copies of the research were sent to us followed up by a conference call arranged for Kevin and I to discuss the findings and for us to receive directions in what should happen next.

We found out that our patent was not unique and moving forward could be costly, although we were disappointed we are so very impressed with how our situation was handled and the professionalism of IP Watchdog.

If you are an inventor or entrepreneur and you want to purchase a service that has the experience and credibility that won’t misled you or give you unreliable information we recommend IP Watchdog.

We are working on other ideas and we will be requesting the services of IP Watchdog without hesitation.

We would like to thank Gene and Renee of IP Watchdog for being so personable and dependable and having the knowledge we needed.

Thank you for all your assistance,

Ron Brough and Kevin Briand
February 13, 2010

As a first-time inventor, I was very fortunate to find and to be able to work with Gene Quinn on my project. Gene cares about his clients and their inventions. He asks questions that make you think not only about the functionality of the invention, but also the marketability. While talking with Gene and going through his process, my invention transformed from a high-end specialty product to a mass market consumer product that I believe many more people will appreciate. It was so nice to work with someone who was willing to do more than just file my paperwork properly, but took the time to try and help make it the best application it could be. When I set out to find a patent attorney, I was hoping to find someone experienced and honest. I got so much more. Thank you Gene, I’ll be back!

Roger Wagy
Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA
October 8, 2009